The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 150

Chapter 150

Monica sends the same link and a text to Brian, who reads it while he is trying to mow the lawn. He can’t even believe half the shit he is reading. He knows its all lies, he lived through a lot of it with Elizabeth. Seeing just how revengeful Ethan could be. Seeing why of all things he had to mention the baby. Putting an innocent in the middle of this. Even if it was Ethan's, there was no need for this. It was private and now it would be everywhere. He just keeps reading as he mows. Wondering if Elizabeth read it as well. Wondering how she is feeling.

Downstairs in the office, Elizabeth grabs her phone and calls Ethan. Not able to hold back any longer. Her emotions taking fully in charge of herself.

“Hello? Since when do you call me? I thought we were only talking through our lawyers?” Ethan says.

“You rotten son of a bitch, are you really that desperate for money, You had to sell our fake life? Not even the real one! A bullshit story! Is that what you wished it would have been? How things would have gone? Then where were you when it was happening??? Instead of always complaining and being an ass!” Elizabeth yells.

“Well, there is the feisty girl I knew so long ago. I haven’t seen her in a while. You like to say our marriage was shit, but not all of it was. We did have some good moments. I thought you would have liked that I made it out the way I did.” Ethan answers.

“Really? I would like you telling the tabloids all bullshit? Why are you talking to them anyway? Why tell them anything true or not? What happened with us is private.” Elizabeth snaps.

“It's not private once you let that book out, and screwed him. You opened the door to all this shit, now you can’t deal? Did lover boy get upset that I said you enjoyed the sex with me?” Ethan laughs.

“Enjoyed? You call that enjoy? How demented are you? I never enjoyed the sex with you. Did you ever think that's why I cheated? To see what it was really like? What it was supposed to be?” Elizabeth growls.

“Oh come on, you are just pissed at me so you're saying that. I don’t know what happened to you. You changed so much. The interview will just help your book sales. I don’t know why you're so upset. I got paid and so will you in the end.” Ethan answers.

“You never think of the consequences, do you? How the things you say or do hurt others? You don’t care do you?” Elizabeth replies.

“I am not as bad as you make me. I do care. You just don’t listen to what I have to say. You always make me out to be the bad guy. This child will be born soon. I want to be there.” Ethan says.

“NO!” Elizabeth shouts.

“What do you mean no? I was there for our other two. I want to be there for this one as well. I did do that part right, you would agree?” Ethan asks.

“Yes, you were there, just this time it's not yours. You're not going to ruin this for us. Your just looking to take this away from us as well.” Elizabeth says.

“No, I am looking to see my child being born. Just because he married you means nothing. Did you think I wouldn’t find out? I still can’t believe you married him.” Ethan replies.

“That is why you're doing this. It’s not your child! If you show up you will have to wait in the waiting room. Brian is my husband and will be there. Ethan, you need to stop this.” Elizabeth yells.

“You need to calm down, I don't think this is good for you or the baby. I don’t think I have ever seen you act like this.” Ethan admits.

“I have had it. I am so tired of your tricks. Whatever you think, you're not going to break us up. I love him.” Elizabeth answers.

“And if this is my child? I am not going to let it go. That will mean you will need to see me to see it.“Ethan says smugly.

“You know what Ethan, I have had it with the control you think you have over me. I am sure this isn’t your child. But even if it is No judge in his right mind is giving you full custody. So you can threaten all you want, and by any chance that would happen, Good Fucking luck on you taking care of it alone! I want to see you clean ass for the first time in your life! You never changed ONE freaking diaper of our other two! Never got up in the middle of the night! So it would be fun to see it all on you! Do you think it's easy? You had me that did everything, you're seeing that it's not so fun to do things on your own, is it? Even though you complained about everything I did was wrong, you still didn't have to do it!” Elizabeth screams.

Brian walking in the office seeing Elizabeth undone at the seams.

“I am sorry, I know I complained about a lot of things. Jesus Elizabeth calm down.” Ethan says. A bit worried about how she is acting, and screaming at him. Which she never did there whole marriage no matter how he pissed her off in the past. She always kept it to herself, now finally let it all out. Not holding back.

“Screw you! And you know what, I don't give a flying fuck what you say or do anymore. Tell them anything you want.” Elizabeth snaps hanging up the phone.

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