The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 151

Chapter 151

Brian just stands there looking at Elizabeth, He goes over to her and puts his arms around her. Feeling she is shaking like a leaf in his arms. He knew how upset she was from the way she was yelling at Ethan. It was something he hasn't seen before. She has been upset with him in the past but this time she was fuming.

“Babe are you ok?” Brian asks.

“No, I can’t stand him. I am so sorry you had to read that. I swear to you its not as he said. I would never do that to you.” Elizabeth says. Starting to cry in his arms.

“Babe, I know that. I am learning to let what he does go. I found it laughable. All the things he said. It was mostly bullshit. Just coving his own ass. In case this child was his, and you would want to use the rape. I saw right through it. He wants to make it look like everything was both sided, for the judge.” Brian answers.

“That figures,” Elizabeth replies. Still very upset.

“I know you're upset but this isn’t good for you. Let me get you a glass of water.” Brian suggests.

Elizabeth takes a seat on the sofa in their office, as Brian goes to get the glass of water. Her nerves taking the best of her. No matter how she tries she can’t seem to calm down. When Brian walks back into the office, he finds Elizabeth on the floor out cold.

“Elizabeth! Oh god, Elizabeth.” Brian says with a panic.

He goes for his phone and calls 911, trying his best to keep his own composer now. Holding Elizabeth in his arms. He knew all this stress wasn’t good for her, or the child. He just hopes everything will be ok.

The ambulance comes and takes Elizabeth and Brian to the hospital. Elizabeth still out of it. Her pressure rising dangerously high. Once at the hospital they rush her into labor and delivery.

“Mr. McGinnis, she needs to have the baby and soon. Its the only thing that will lower her pressure. She is conscious now, and her water broke, I have her on Pitocin to speed things along.” The doctor says.

“Will she be ok? Will the baby be ok?“Brian asks.

“She is eight and a half months, we did an ultrasound the baby looked fine. If we wait any longer I see a lot more complications then just having it now.” The doctor answers.

“Ok, Do what you need to. I just don’t want anything to happen to her.” Brian says.

“I understand that. She has also said she doesn’t want anything to happen to the baby. We are going to do our best that both of them do well.” The doctor replies.

Brian just nods his head, now in his own worryment. All he could think about is that this was Ethan’s fault. He just couldn’t leave them alone. This time hurting Elizabeth and his unborn child. He knows he has to act calm and like everything is fine. Not wanting to make Elizabeth any more upset than she already is.

He goes into her room and sits by her side holding her hand. Trying to give her all the support she needs.

“I am so sorry, I don't want anything to happen to this baby,” Elizabeth says.

“Babe, please its not your fault. Everything will be fine. Just concentrate on having him. We will finally get to meet our him.” Brian answers.

“I love you, and I can't wait to meet our son, I have never wanted anything more in my life.” Elizabeth says.

“I love you too,” Brian answers, doing his best.

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