The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 152

Chapter 152

After a few hours, its time for Elizabeth to push, Brian is happy this is moving along. At this point, things are going well without any further complications. There are specialists there to make sure the baby is fine. If not they are standing by to take over, just in case. The doctor taking every precaution, he could to make sure everything went well with both mother and child.

Brian just stays by her side, hoping that all goes well. He keeps his true feelings to himself not wanting to make Elizabeth more upset than she already was. Brian was filled with panic from the day’s events, just praying that nothing more would go wrong. And at the same time, wanting to wring Ethan's neck for all this. It was all his fault.

Once its time to push, Brian holds Elizabeth’s leg and hand as she bears down to give birth to their child. Brian more aware of things this time, then he was when he was having his firstborn with Victoria. He was still a kid then and not into it much. Now, he would be fully into it, just the thought in the back of his mind invaded him, thinking it’s not his. It was taking a very special moment away from him, which was another thing to hate Ethan over.

It only takes three pushes and their son is born. Once the baby is out, Elizabeth and Brian don’t get a chance to get a good look at their son. As he is rushed to the NIC Unit to make sure everything was ok since he was considered premature. Before he gets taken away, Elizabeth does get a glance at his face. She just smiles. Feeling a calm come over her. She smiles at Brian holding his hand, as the doctor cleans her up and gets her ready to take to her room.

Elizabeth is very tired from the day's events as well. She is happy her son is born and at the same time a bit anxious. She wanted this to be a happy moment. Something she and Brian would look back on in years and smile. Not like this, it hurt her, there was just nothing she could do.

The Doctor gives her Magnesium right away to help with her preeclampsia. Trying his best to lower her pressure and not make her stroke out. That is a major worryment the doctor has at the moment. Brian knowing this as well and not wanting to add any extra stress to her.

They take Elizabeth to a regular room Brian still stays by her side.

“What are we going to name our son?” Elizabeth asks.

Brian just looking at her, wanting to but feeling he might not be the father.

“Babe, maybe we should wait on that, till after we take the test?” Brian asks.

“We don’t need to, I already know he is yours,” Elizabeth says.

Brian not at the moment wanting to bring her any more stress or pain, nods. Even though he has doubts

“How about Zackary then?” Brian says.

“After the book?” Elizabeth asks.

“Yes, if it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t be here today. It all started with your imagination, your wants, and desires and you made it come true.” Brian responds.

“I like it. Zackary it is. We will call him Zach for short.” Elizabeth replies back just smiling up at him.

Brian just nods.

While Brian is standing there, he sees Ethan outside the room, with a panic Brian tells Elizabeth he will be right back. Closing the hospital room door behind him. Not even wanting Elizabeth to know he is here.

“What in hell are you doing here?” Brian says.

“I came to see my child. How is she?” Ethan asks.

“Are you freaking kidding me! Do you know all the problems you caused? She could have died and the child as well. Was the money you got worth it? And how did you know to come here? Not to mention, do you ever learn?” Brian says.

“I have her doctor on speed dial, I told him to let me know when she would go into labor. I knew you two wouldn’t ever tell me. I missed the birth of the child, I now want the test to be done, to get this over with. Which I am sure you want as well.” Ethan remarks.

“You sure are something. I don't want you anywhere near her. She has been through a lot today. We can go to the NICU and get the test done. We don’t need to let her know until after it's done and we get the results back. Can you at least do that? Or do you need to make a scene?” Brian snaps.

“Yes, That's fine with me. I noticed on the phone she was flipping out, I knew right away this wasn’t good, but no matter what I said she just got more upset. She didn't even seem like herself.” Ethan answers.

“Maybe that is because she is tired of your shit. She has been dealing with a lot from you throughout this. How much do you think she can take before she breaks? Or is that what you're really after?” Brian says.

“I know, It been a lot for all of us. I know you hate me, but I didn't want things to go this way. Things have just gotten out of hand.” Ethan Admits.

“You think? Let’s just get this test over with, so I can be done with you.” Brian answers.

"That sounds good, it's not like I want anything to do with you either! I was the one placed in this mess." Ethan barks.

"Freaking really? You could have just walked away like a normal person!" Brian answers walking away.

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