The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 153

Chapter 153

They both walk to the NICU with the doctor, going to where the baby is. Brian calling Sean so he is there with him, needing his support through this. Also wanting a witness to this, making sure that Ethan can’t say the tests came out wrong or mess with them. Brian not even taking that much notice of the child, he just wants the test done and over with. Wanting to know the truth. Its been a long hard eight and a half months. It would finally be over soon. They just had a few more days of this and finally, it would be over.

When the test is done, Brian just walks out of the NICU, feeling all kinds of emotions. His brother Sean following him out. Where Ethan stays with the baby. At this moment Brian doesn’t even care. He just wants this to end, now more than ever needing to know the truth.

“Are you ok Bro?” Sean asks.

“No, It's been the worse day of my life thanks to that asshole. Everything was going well, and he shows up again. This time he went to the tabloids and said a lot of false bullshit, which I really didn’t care about. Elizabeth, on the other hand, didn’t take any of it well. She flipped out and its how we got here. I could have lost her.” Brian admits.

“Oh the stuff on E.T. tonight, yea I saw him. Talking out of his head, that they had it so good before you, and almost went back together after his father’s funeral.” Sean says.

“If it was so good she wouldn’t have gone with me. IF your happy and everything is great you wouldn’t cheat!” Brian snaps.

“You're letting him get to you again. Remember last time? You almost lost what you have because of him. Don’t let him do this.“Sean replies.

“I’m not. It just pisses me off. “Brian responds.

“You didn’t even look at that baby, did you? You didn’t even ask how he was doing.” Sean says.

“I don’t want to get attached. After I find out the results it will be different. Until then I don't want to get close.” Brian comments.

“Don’t let Elizabeth see that. It will only hurt her. What does she say about this?” Sean asks.

“She believes its mine, she was happy when I left her, and I want her to stay that way. We named him Zachary. I couldn’t even take pride or happiness in naming my son. All I could think about was that asshole who raped her and caused all these problems.” Brian remarks.

“He is in there asking how he is, spending time with him. He isn’t sure if it's his or not and he is trying. I mean I know he is an ass but how do you think he feels?” Sean asks.

“Feels? Who the fuck cares! This isn’t a normal situation. She didn’t sleep with him willingly. He raped her and caused this. So she divorced him, shouldn’t he be over it by now? The only reason he is in there doing this is in case it is his. He will have more leverage with the court saying he was there from the start taking care of it. You think I don't know how he plays things by now?” Brian snaps.

“I sure hope it's not his, you two will never get along. If it is his I see a lot of trouble and pain even more then what has already happened.” Sean responds.

“I know! I just want away from him right now. I am going to go see Elizabeth and make sure she is ok.” Brian answers.

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