The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 154

Chapter 154

Brian goes back to Elizabeth’s room, doing his best to keep all of his own emotions to himself. He stays with her all night, making sure she is ok and that Ethan stays far away from her, making sure Ethan keeps his word of staying away. He needed for Elizabeth to stay calm and get better. No matter who the father was of this child, it needed its mother.

The next day comes, and Brian wakes up in Elizabeth’s hospital room. The nurses checking on her during the night to make sure everything was going well, which it was. Today they were going to stop the magnesium and try to get her to walk around.

“Brian once I can get up, I would like to go see our son,” Elizabeth says.

“Are you sure you're up for that? I mean you should take it slow.” Brian suggests.

“I am fine. I want to bond with our son. I want him to know we are here for him. The doctor said, he was doing really well. They were going to move him to the nursery. I want to be there for that. I want to see him.” Elizabeth replies.

“Ok, babe. You get yourself ready, take it slow and then we will go. I have something to take care of and I will be right back.” Brian answers.

“Ok,” Elizabeth says with a smile.

Brian knew that Ethan was staying by the baby's side. He didn’t want Elizabeth to see him and get all nerved up again. He was sure once the DNA tests were back if it was Ethan’s there would be plenty of that. So, for now, he wanted peace.

Brian takes the elevator to the NICU floor, going up to the glass window and waving to Ethan to come to him.

“What do you need? Did the results come in yet?” Ethan asks.

“No, not yet. Just Elizabeth would like to visit with her son, and I would appreciate you not being around when she does. Her pressure is down and things are going back to normal. I would like to keep it that way. I am sure even you would like for that.“Brian states.

“Yes, I would. They are moving the baby to the nursery. He is doing great. He is six pounds. So he is a normal size everything about him is perfect.” Ethan answers.

“I am glad for that. Your stupidity didn't cause the child any damage.” Brian mumbles.

“No, I don’t want to do that anymore. I saw a lot of what I did was wrong and I am sorry. I know you're not going to believe me, but I had a lot of time to think, while I was here watching that little boy. No matter who’s son he is. I don’t want him hurt. I know I took all of this too far. I was upset and I played it really wrong blaming everything and one.” Ethan says.

“If that is true, I will be a man and let it go. Just so we can have peace. The last few months have been crazy. The last year has been. I understand you were upset, I know it was a lot of changes for you. We just need to interact better in the future. for this child and the ones, you two already have together. She doesn’t want to go to things because of you. It's not fair to the kids.” Brian answers.

“No, it's not and my kids were always used to their mother being there for them. They miss her and I know a lot of it has to do with me. I guess I will have to be a man as well and let it go to. I know we were not happy. It's just hard to say goodbye to the past sometimes.” Ethan admits.

“I understand that. So is this a truce?” Brian asks.

“Yes, if he is mine, I will do my best to make it work. I just ask you to do the same and don’t keep him away from me.” Ethan replies.

“I have no intentions of doing that. If he is mine, I do want you to step off and let me and Elizabeth live our lives. When we are in each others company we will keep it peaceful.” Brian comments.

“Deal,” Ethan replies.

Ethan walks away going to the cafeteria to get something to eat. He knows this has gone too far. He could have lost both of them due to his jealousy and he didn't want that. That would be taking their daughter's mother away and Ethan didn't want that.

He finally came to his senses and wanted things to be peaceful, seeing the other way was getting none of them anywhere.

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