The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 155

Chapter 155

Brian feels a bit relieved, hoping that Ethan keeps his word and lets things go normally, instead of all this craziness that has been taking place. Yet, a part of him wasn’t sure what to believe. After all, this was Ethan. He just had to try and have some faith that it would all work out.

He goes back to Elizabeth’s room, where he sees she is now walking around. He sees she took her shower and is ready to go see her son. Brian still can’t help but to refer to him, as her son. Still terrified to put his heart into this boy and find out it's not his.

“Hey, babe you look great. It's wonderful seeing you walking around a bit.” Brian says.

“Thank you, I feel like myself again in more than one way. That shower was so refreshing. Where were you?” Elizabeth asks.

“I had to talk to someone. Everything is fine.” Brian says.

“So how is Ethan?” Elizabeth asks.

Brian standing there a bit shocked that she knew, then again she wasn’t dumb, she knew Ethan said he would come when the child was born.

“He is ok, we took the DNA test, we are just waiting for the results to come in. He was spending time with the baby.” Brian answers.

“I figured he would, plus I asked the doctor if he arrived yet and he let me know that he did and the test was taken. You didn’t have to deal with him on your own. I know this is a lot for you and I am truly sorry about it all. This really isn’t what I wanted.” Elizabeth reveals.

“You knew?” Brian chuckles. “I just wanted your pressure to go down and for you to be ok. You didn’t need the extra stress, so I took care of it. Ethan seems to be coming to reality. He didn’t like what took place either. He wants peace or at least its what he claims.” Brian admits.

“I was wondering, why he was staying away and not making a scene. Thank you for everything. If he really keeps his word it would be great to be normal again. I want us to raise our son and be happy.” Elizabeth says.

“You seem so sure he is ours.” Brian answers.

“I know he is,” Elizabeth replies walking over to him and giving him a hug.

“I wish I was as sure as you,” Brian reveals.

“You haven’t spent much time with him, or even really looked at him. I understand why, but you will see if you do.” Elizabeth responds.

“I don't want to get my hopes up or see something that's not there. I also don’t want to hurt you. You don’t know how much I want it to be mine.” Brian states.

“It is, but the tests should be in soon and you will have what you need.” She replies.

Brian just nods hoping that what she is saying is true. He knew it is what she really wanted as well. Its what they both wanted. To be together and have a family. To be happy, and just live there lives together.

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