The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 156

Chapter 156

Elizabeth and Brian stand there and talk a bit, both enjoying being able to breathe normally for once. As they are talking they wheel in the little baby boy. Elizabeth's face just glows with happiness, going straight over to him and picking him up. She just looks at him and smiles, telling him how much she loves him and his father. How wanted he is, and she is so happy to finally meet him.

Brian just watches Elizabeth with this child, knowing she truly wants him, and how strongly she believes he is his. He knows if that isn’t the truth, it's going to hurt her as much as it will him. Brian just sits there and watches as he is tried from the day before, not getting much rest, thinking about everything and worried sick about Elizabeth’s health. He sees now everything is ok and he is a bit happier. Just still needing some rest.

“Why don’t you go home and get some rest. You really look like you need it.” Elizabeth states.

“I don’t want to leave you. Every time I do something bad seems to happen.” Brian says.

“I love you, and I am glad you want to protect me, but you need rest. I will be fine. I am going to get some too. Tomorrow you come back and take us home.” Elizabeth replies.

“Are you sure?” Brian asks.

“Yes, love. If I need you I can always call you.” Elizabeth comments.

“Ok, I love you too. I will be back in the Am to take both of you home. I will be glad when you're home.“Brian answers.

“Me too. Then we can start our life fully.” Elizabeth smiles.

Brian goes over to her and gives her a kiss, as she wraps her arms around him, to give him a hug. He knew she loved him dearly, he felt the same. Her smile warmed his heart and made him feel whole.

Brian feels a little uneasy knowing that Ethan is still around, he wanted to trust he would do the right thing, he just saw in the past he would always do something he shouldn’t. He couldn’t wait for all of this to be over one way or another. Just so they could get there lives back. Then he would think, yea right. If this child was Ethan’s even if they were “nice” to each other, he would always want to be around, always put himself in their way. It would be never-ending. He would never be free of him, also having his son live with him. A constant reminder of the rape he couldn't stop.

Brian just gets himself into his car, feeling he needs rest, from everything. He needed to stop thinking and just try to take it easy for the rest of the night. He knew his brother Sean stayed at their home, overnight in case they needed anything. He was happy to be going home to him. To have someone, he could discuss things with, without feeling he would hurt them or say something wrong. Sometimes it was hard to say how he really felt to Elizabeth, just because he didn’t want to hurt her or say the wrong thing. He knew that was Ethan’s thing so he tried to beware of it. Also feeling this wasn’t her fault, and he didn’t want to bring more stress and anxiety to her or their relationship.

When Brian leaves the hospital, Elizabeth stays with her son, giving him as much attention as she could. Feeding him, changing him, talking to him. He makes her the happiest she has been. She looks at his eyes and she just knows. They are the same eyes she looked into when she walked into the conference room. The ones that took her breath away and stole her heart.

She had no doubts that this was Brian's child. It did make her feel upset that Brian didn’t see him as his. She knew he was staying away from him, he kept a distance not getting close to the child at all. It hurt, but she understood in a way. In another way, she just thought, this child was going to live with him either way, was he going to resent him if he wasn’t his? Put a space in their relationship? It would be no way to live if he treated this child like this all his life. It brought great pain to her.

She knew deep down if Brian mistreated this child, no matter how much she loved him, this wouldn’t work. She looked down at this tiny little boy in her arms, she had to protect him and watch over him at any cost. Just would she be able to let go of either one of them? She wasn’t sure, she just knew her gut had to be right and she wouldn’t have to make that choice. She felt she had made a lot of difficult choices lately it was the time one would be easy and the right way.

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