The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 157

Chapter 157

Brian goes home, pulling up in the driveway, seeing the light on waiting for him. He knows his brother is still here. Which makes him feel at ease. He walks into his brother sitting on the sofa watching some tv.

“Hey, Bro How is Elizabeth and the baby doing?” Sean asks.

Brian walking over to the sofa and taking a seat.

“They are both doing really well, we got very lucky. It could have gone really wrong, very fast.” Brian states.

“I know, I saw how worried you were yesterday but about a lot of things. How is Ethan doing?” Sean asks.

“I guess, ok. He wasn’t an asshole today. He says, he saw how wrong he was and wants to do better, but who knows. It could be just another one of his schemes. ” Brian answers.

“Wow, you really trust him, don’t you? ” Sean laughs.

“As far as I can throw him. I can’t wait for the results to come in. I just need to know the truth. Elizabeth is sure its mine, but I’m not as sure.” Brian replies.

“I know the rape took place and things haven’t been very stable, but is that the only reason your feeling this isn’t your child? Do you really want to have another child?” Sean blurts out.

“At first, I wasn’t sure. We never thought we would have one, she thought that time has passed. She always worried that I would want another child and she couldn’t give it to me. I know that bothered her a lot, where I didn't mind. I have a son, I am good with that. When she told me, she was pregnant I was happy. I liked the idea, having a child with the woman I really care about, being able to raise it together. Just as time went by and the more, I think its Ethan’s it just seems to take away bit by bit. I don’t want to get excited or happy and then boom it's over just like that.” Brian admits.

“I understand that. If it is Ethan’s then what? Are you going to be able to handle this? You don’t even look at the child. You think Elizabeth is going to like that?” Sean responds.

“I don’t know to be honest with you. I know she didn’t go behind me and cheat. I know its not her fault but to see him and for him to be Ethan’s it just bothers me. I feel it should be ours. I know she is letting it go now, only because we are not sure of who’s it is, I am not sure if she will afterward. The way she looks at that child, she will never let him go.” Brian reveals.

“She is his mother, of course not. You can’t expect her to or ask her to. You're going to have to either deal or let go. You really would end this?” Sean asks.

“I don’t even want to think about it. We have been dealing with this for so long now, I am just tired. I need a break from it all. After I find out the results, I just need to sit and think. I will need to get over it one way or another. It's just a lot to deal with. You don’t want to see the woman you love have another man's child, while she is in a relationship with you. Before is one thing, this is another.” Brian admits.

“I wish the both of you the best, I know how much you love each other. At first, I thought you were crazy. I figured it was just because it was something you couldn’t have, but after I saw how much you both really cared and wanted this to work. That doesn’t happen very often, bro. I know it's a lot to take another man’s child. It’s not for everyone, especially in this case, but you need to think of being without her. Can you? You both have it so nice. I never have seen you so stable in other areas of your life. You're on top of your game at work. You make more now than you ever imaged. You and your son, are closer than you ever have been. Seeing him every weekend and on Wednesdays. Victoria has taken the hint or at least is staying away. You have a home, money and a family. To give all that up, just because the little boy would be Ethan’s? Yea you will have the job and not sure what would happen to the house, but the family you have created with her would be gone. Which would make the rest fall apart as well.” Sean remarks.

“You think I haven’t thought about all that? How my whole life has changed for the better since I met her? How happy she makes me? Its all I ever think about! It’s why this bothers me so much. I just can’t anymore. I need rest, tomorrow she comes home and so does the child. I need to get to bed, so I can help her if she needs me to. So I can think straight.” Brian replies.

“Ok, Don’t let the baby suffer because of what Ethan has done. Show Elizabeth you can do this. That you are there not only for her but for him.” Sean comments.

“I will try. Tomorrow is a new day.“Brian answers.

Brian goes up to the bed, just plopping down onto it. Not even getting undressed so tired he doesn’t even care. He looks over at Elizabeth’s side of the bed, the first time in a very long time he has gone to sleep without her being there. It felt weird.

The things he talked about with his brother lingered in his mind, as he tries to drift off to sleep. For things to stay as they were, he would have to let go. No matter what, he would have to take the child as his own, for the rest of his life to stay just how it is. Just the way he wanted it. He knew he had to let go for many reasons. This wasn’t doing him any good, it just was a bunch of stress that was building up inside of him eating away.

For what? Would it change anything? Make it go Away? No, not at all, just add more to a situation that was unchangable. Whatever the outcome was, it was.

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