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Chapter 158

Chapter 158

Back at the hospital, Elizabeth is laying in bed. The baby sleeping in the nursery so Elizabeth could get a night of rest before taking him home tomorrow. She was relieved that the birth was over and that both of them were ok.

As she is laying there, Ethan walks in the room, walking over to her.

“Hi, I just wanted to say congratulations and I am sorry for all the mess I made before this.“Ethan states.

I heard you wanted to make peace?“Elizabeth says.

“Yes, that is right. I really want this to go smoothly, or as smooth as it can go in this situation. I didn’t mean any harm to come to you or the baby. I wasn’t thinking, I was so overtaken by everything. I felt if you were to have any more children it would be with me. I made a mess of things, and I want to right them.” Ethan replies.

Elizabeth sits there not sure this is the man, she was married too for twenty years. He was being real and sharing his emotions just this time in a real way. Not being mean or rude just to protect himself.

“If you really mean this, I am sure we can work it out. Ethan, I am pretty sure he isn’t your son, but for our own girls we should get along. Show them that this can go right. That we are adults. “Elizabeth responds.

“If you are going by his blue eyes, You know my family has them and so does yours. It doesn’t mean its Brian’s. If that is the case, fine. I do still want to get along for our girls. They miss you. They feel you picked him over them. They are a bit upset about the child and the marriage.” Ethan admits.

“I know those eyes anywhere. It’s his son. I didn’t know our girls felt that way, they never said that to me. The last time we were all together, we got along fine, including Brian.” Elizabeth comments.

“I know, they didn’t want to hurt you or upset you. I didn’t plan any of this, at the same time, I am not ashamed or regret it. I love them, but I love him as well. I didn’t pick him over them. They are not toddlers that need me all the time. They should know I am still there for them.” Elizabeth answers.

“You moved to another state, you got married not even telling them till a month after and you got pregnant. Everything happened fast, it's just a lot for them to take in. You act like a twenty-year-old around him.” Ethan states.

“I moved to another state not really for him, but for myself. I wanted to leave that life behind me. There were some people, I wanted to leave behind as well. Our daughters are always welcome here and they know that. About acting twenty, maybe at times. I am finally doing things I never did before. That I never got to do and none of it, is bad. I feel I have learned and grew a lot from this. He makes me feel alive, he makes me happy and I’m not going to give that up for anyone. I put everyone first for a long time. Always pushing my wants on the back burner. Now that our children are adults, it's my turn. ” Elizabeth replies.

“You never said what you wanted. You never really talked to me.” Ethan admits.

“I know, I felt why? It wasn’t going to change anything. You never really believed in me, I wasn’t good enough for anything but taking care of you and the kids, and even that you were never satisfied with. I lacked in that department for you as well. I never said I was domesticated, or that I knew everything. I said, I wanted to stay home and take care of our children, which I did. No matter what you want to say to put me down, you know that’s true. You know I was always there for them no matter what. You always had a meal to eat, even if it wasn’t the best, you had it. Your clothes were always done and ready for the next week even though at times, they were not perfect. Your lunch was ready every day, waiting for you. Even with your complaints. Other men, don’t have that. They have to do it themselves. Which was maybe my own fault, I should have never gotten you used to it. We are both to blame on a lot of things that we can’t take back or fix. It’s just time for us to move on.” Elizabeth responds.

“I know I picked on you for a lot of things. I saw when you were not there and I had to do things on my own, just how much you really did do. I took it for granted. I know and realize I said a lot of hurtful things, done a lot of hurtful things. I can’t take them back, I just want to try to move on from them as well. I am hoping we can be friends like we were planning before all this mess took place. I know I hurt you badly that night and I am truly sorry. I was drunk, and hurt and just wanted to get things back to where they were. Not thinking it would push you even further away.” Ethan replies.

“I don’t want to talk about that night anymore. It’s part of the past I want to forget. I know your sorry but it doesn’t take it away. I don’t think I can or will ever forget it either. I do know I have to try in order for this to work. I am willing to be nice, just you need boundaries. You can’t call all the time, you can’t push yourself on me. We need to have separate lives. Just when we have to see each other for our children we behave. We make it as nice for them as we can and for ourselves. Instead of being awkward.” Elizabeth states.

“Ok, we can try,” Ethan says.

“Also I want you to treat Brian with respect as I want him to do the same for you. He isn’t my lover boy. He is my husband. I don’t want you calling him that anymore. I didn’t walk up to yours and call her a tramp....or a home wrecking slut. Now did I?” Elizabeth laughs.

“No, your not the type. Homewrecking?” Ethan stares at her.

“Shut up. I told you we both had our moments.” Elizabeth laughs harder.

“Yea, that we sure did. I will curb my comments towards him. We already talked and said we would be civil towards each other.” Ethan replies.

“Good, It's nice to have a normal conversation with you. We haven’t had that in a long while.” Elizabeth admits.

“I know, it’s a start right?” Ethan smiles.

“Yes, it is. A good one. Thank you for stopping by.” Elizabeth answers.

“Your welcome. Brian wanted me to stay away, I just needed to say I was sorry. I know you go home tomorrow.” Ethan remarks.

“Yes, I can’t wait. I told the doctor to give the results to both of us. So we both know at the same time.” Elizabeth comments.

" Soon as I know what they are, we will talk and then I will go home. If he is mine, I do want to spend time with him Elizabeth. ” Ethan replies.

“I know. I Just don’t want you to get your hopes up. I doubt he is yours.” Elizabeth announces.

“You keep saying that, either way, he is a lovely little boy. I know he is in good hands with you. We wanted a son.” Ethan says.

“Yes, but we got two lovely girls. That was what was meant for us.” Elizabeth answers.

“Yes, it was. I guess I will be going now. You get some rest. I will talk to you after the results.” Ethan comments.

“Ok,” Elizabeth responds.

Even though Elizabeth and Ethan were trying to keep things calm, they both told each other how they felt. Not really holding back not to hurt the other, just doing it where it wasn’t a screaming match. At this point in their relationship, there wasn’t any holding back. Even with a normal conversation they just said it as it was.

Elizabeth wasn’t sure if it would stay like it was tonight, or go back to the wanting to rip each other apart. She did know either way she really didn’t want to see much of him. She wanted away. She wasn’t sure if what he said about their children was true or not. Was it how he felt or them?

In a way, she didn’t find it very fair. It was ok for him to move on with Jessica and have a son, but for her to do so she was leaving everyone behind and pissing them off.

Then their children’s lives were turned upside down, there was bound to be some resentment. She would have to take care of it after she went home. Which wasn’t much she could do anyway, just call them and talk to them. Hoping it would help.

Elizabeth had no intention of moving back to Wisconsin. She would have to be crazy, they lived in another state and Ethan was a big pain in their ass. You wanted him in the same state? And her mother in law? No thank you. She as staying right where she was.

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