The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 159

Chapter 159

The next morning comes, before Brian knows it, the alarm blaring in his ears. He was so tired, he didn’t even move from the spot he laid down from last night. He rubs his eyes and hits the off button, trying to wake himself up. Today was a big day, he would bring Elizabeth and the baby home. Still not really knowing what the truth was. He would just have to deal and let go of his feelings and make things as pleasant as he could.

He gets up and goes to the shower, taking a deep breath as the warm water hits his face and body.

“I can do this.” He says to himself.

He gets washed and dressed then heads downstairs seeing his brother in the kitchen making them something to eat.

“Hey bro, I will make sure the house is spotless and everything is taken cared of. That way when she comes home she doesn't have to do anything but relax and take care of the baby.” Sean states.

“Thank you, bro. I don’t know what I would do without you.” Brian answers.

“Don’t worry about it, you always took care of me, now it's my turn. I will only stick around to see you guys home then I will head back home. If you need me just call.” Sean says.

“I am sure we will be fine. Thank you though.” Brian replies.

“No problem,” Sean responds pouring Brian a cup of coffee.

Brian eats his breakfast and then heads out to the hospital to pick them both up, wondering what he is going to find. Was Ethan going to interfere? Push his weight around? Or let them have their day? Brian wasn’t sure of what Ethan would do, it seemed to be the way it just was these days.

When Brian does go to the hospital and up to Elizabeth’s room she is there waiting with the baby all ready to go. The baby dressed in his cute little jeans, teddy pullover, with matching hat.

’I see you are both ready to go.” Brian asks.

“Yes, we were just waiting for daddy so we can ditch this place,” Elizabeth says walking over to him and giving him a kiss.

Brian just smiles taking a look around, seeing its just them. He gets the baby and places him into the car seat. As Elizabeth grabs her purse and other things. They say their goodbyes to the nurses and head to the car where Brian places the baby in. Then getting into the driver seat.

“How are you feeling?” Brian asks.

“I feel great, I am happy to be going home. I missed you and our bed so much.” Elizabeth says.

“I missed you too, I have to say its different sleeping without you.” Brian answers.

“Yea, you probably could have actually got some rest....without me trying to cuddle up to you.” Elizabeth laughs.

“Actually, I missed it. I like having your soft warm body next to mine.” Brian replies.

“Good, because tonight, I will be cuddling up to you, making up for the lost time.” Elizabeth smiles.

Brian smiles back, seeing that Elizabeth is in good spirits. Which makes him feel at ease as well.

The drive home takes no time, both of them getting out. Brian carrying the car seat inside the house with a sleeping little baby.

“Welcome home,” Sean says going up to Elizabeth and giving her a hug.

“Thank you, It's so great to be home,” Elizabeth answers hugging back. “The house looks fantastic.” She adds.

“Oh, yea I thought I would have it all clean for you, so you can concentrate on the baby and not the house for a bit,” Sean replies.

“Thank you so much, that means the world to me,” Elizabeth responds.

“No problem. I wanted to get a glimpse of the baby before I head out.” Sean says going over to take a good look at the little boy.

“He is adorable. Looks a lot like Brian.” Sean admits.

“I know, wait till you see his eyes.” Elizabeth comments.

“Oh, so he has those blue piercing eyes that get Brian into trouble huh?” Sean laughs.

“Yep, I can see all the girls already falling at his feet.” Elizabeth giggles.

“Ok, you two, very funny.” Brian states

Sean says his goodbyes and leaves Elizabeth and Brian to their newborn. As he is heading out the doorbell rings. The delivery boy stands there with a bouquet of flowers.

“Elizabeth Mcginnis.” The boy asks.

“Yes, that would be me.” Elizabeth answers.

“These are for you, have a nice day.” He responds handing her a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

She just smiles as she goes to read the card.

I just wanted to say, how much I love you. How grateful I am that you're in my life.

Love Brian.

Elizabeth places the flowers on the table then goes up to Brian and gives him a big kiss.

“Thank you. I love you as well, I hope you never forget that.” Elizabeth says.

“I won’t. I am really glad your home.” Brian answers, holding her close in his arms.


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