The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 16 First time

Chapter 16 First time.

They head back to the hotel, later in the evening. Holding some bags from shopping, laughing, and happy. They say their goodbyes in the lobby. Saying they will see each other tomorrow at the gym.

“I would like to work out with you every morning. I think. I can help you get used to it.” Brian says.

“That sounds good. I am not really a morning person. So I will bring the coffee.” Elizabeth says with a laugh.

“Sounds good. See you tomorrow.” Brian answers.

Both going back to their rooms. Both thinking about, the day they spent together.

If it was going to be like this, It would be a great time. Elizabeth thinks on her way to her room. Not use to any of this.

Once she enters it, She takes off her coat and lays on the bed. Trying to remember, when she had such a wonderful time with someone of the opposite sex. Its been so long. While she is laying there thinking that, she is also wondering, how the first book signing is going to go? Would anyone even show up? I mean no one read it yet. It just came out, so I guess it was just promoting it. Trying to get it sold. She knew it would start out small. She figured that was a good thing. She wasn’t really into big crowds. She wasn’t used to talking to a lot of people.

Then she laughs at herself.” Who the hell am I kidding? I will probably get only one person to buy this book. Stop thinking about a lot of people.”

That was fine to her. She got to meet some really nice people and see New York. She really couldn’t ask for more. Except for having to go back home. Where Ethan would laugh at her. Telling her I told you so. That replayed in her mind over and over. So wanting to prove him wrong. That she could do it. That she could do anything, she put her mind to. She just hoped it would be true.

She stays up a little longer than falls asleep. Sleeping through the night in the large glorious bed. While sleeping she starts dreaming about Zach, now being able to put a real body and face to her fantasy. Making her wet dream even hotter. She pictures him touching and kissing her. Which only gets her crazier. She enjoys the dream, taking it as far as she can. Wanting more and more of his touch, wishing it was more than just a dream.

She wakes up early, taking her shower and putting on her work out clothes. Knowing this is a fraud. What workout? She never work out in her life. She was just doing it to be around him. Getting up this early in the morning was a crime. Yet she did it. Grabbing two coffees and going to the gym. Where Brian was there waiting for her.

“Ready for your work out?” Brian asks.

“I guess so. I think. I am still asleep.” Elizabeth states.

Brian just chuckles. “This will be good for you. Trust me you will feel better.” Brian states.

“Well if we are going to do this. I want to tone my stomach. I might as well make this worth it.“Elizabeth states.

“We can do that. Your shape is very nice as it is. All you really need is to tone it here and there. I will show you how.” Brian states.

“I know this is out of nowhere but how old are you?” Elizabeth asks.

“I am thirty-one. I would ask the same, but I know its not polite to ask a woman her age.” Brian says.

“I am not ashamed of my age. I’m forty.” Elizabeth answers

. “You don’t look it at all. I thought you were in your twenties.” Brian states.

“Thank you. That’s very nice of you.” Elizabeth comments.

The rest of the morning goes very well. Brian shows her what to work with to tone herself. Going slow so she doesn’t hurt herself. They have a nice time. Then going back to their rooms to relax some before the afternoon book promoting.

Around eleven Am, both go to the lobby to meet Monica. When Elizabeth enters the lobby, she sees Brian standing there. Wearing black slacks, white crisp dress shirt, black vest, and blue tie. His hair long in the front, in front of his eyes. Like the character Zach. Just like Zach. He was totally gorgeous.

Her heart starts beating fast, just taking him in. If he would touch her she didn’t think, she would be able to control herself. It was her dream man in person. Even better than she imagined. She stands there speechless. She feels hot almost needing to fan herself to try to cool down. Feelings rushing throughout her body, in places she never felt before. More need and desires building inside of her, so wanting to be able to let them out. To feel, the lust and want with someone and them feeling it for her as well.

Brian turns around seeing her just staring at him. He knows he got the part right. As her jaw is open. he just takes that in also seeing her in a black knee-length skirt and white tucked-in blouse. She looked hot and well put together. Her hair just flowing down her back with curls.

“You look very nice,” Brian says.

“Thank you. So do you.” Elizabeth replies snapping out of her dream.

“Do I look the part?” He asks.

“More than you know. Your perfection.” She replies.

“Hi, All. Sorry I am late again. I had my Starbuck run. Anyway, I am here. Holy shit, Brian, you sure make Zach come to life.” Monica states with a gasp.

“Thank you. Elizabeth said I did well too.” Brian answers.

“Hell, I just want to read the book again so I can picture you,” Monica says.

Elizabeth just laughs, feeling the same way and she wrote the book. Just keeping that tidbit to herself.

“The place we are going isn’t far from here. It’s not really for signing as it is to promote. To get the word around, to let people see him and want to read the book. I think your idea was wonderful Elizabeth. I did from the start but now seeing him like this. I really do like it even more.” Monica remarks.

Brian goes to put on his black trench coat, which makes Elizabeth and Monica swoon.

“OK, ladies, Really?” Brian says with a blush.

“Girl how are you going to travel with that? Without touching? Damn, that sure is some eye candy.” Monica whispers in Elizabeth’s ear.

Elizabeth thinking the same thing. Then going back to being professional. This was work.

They all get into the car and head to a local bookstore. Getting out and going in. It was a small bookstore, but it had a lot of people in it. Monica went to the owner talking to him. Letting him know they were there. They put her book in the window to promote it. Also letting everyone know the author would be there today. It was advertised awhile before the book even came out. Monica doing her job well. Elizabeth now looking a little pale. Not sure she could do this.

“Hey, you got this. Remember that. I am right here. If you get nervous just squeeze my hand.” Brian says looking into her brown eyes.

She gives him a smile as they take a seat. People actually going up to her to sign the book. Wanting to give the book a try. She feels a little more at ease. Signing and interacting with the people in the store. Some even taking pics with her and Brian. It wasn’t a ton, but things went well. It was good for the first time.

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