The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 160

Chapter 160

“I am going to go down into the office and try to get some work done, I haven’t been to the office in a few days. I need to see what I missed.” Brian says.

“You're not going to get lost in there are you? I would like to spend some time with you.” Elizabeth says.

“I will be out of there to enjoy dinner with you. I promise, I am not hiding, I really have a lot to catch up on.” Brian answers.

“Ok, What would you like for dinner?” Elizabeth asks.

“Let’s just order something, you relax and spend time with the baby,” Brian replies.

“I want you to spend time with him also. I want him to bond with you as well.” Elizabeth says.

“I know, I will later on,” Brian responds as he kisses her forehead.

Brian goes into his office checking his mail and seeing everything that was going on. Also in a way keeping his distance from the child without making it look bad in front of Elizabeth. He did see how she fit right on into motherhood like it was nothing.

Sean had the house cleaned for them so Elizabeth could spend time with the child. He saw how it was nothing for her. Where he remembered when Victoria took Tylor home, the house looked a sight with all baby crap all over the place and she looked lost as could be. That wasn’t the case here.

Elizabeth fed, changed and rocked the baby then put him in his swing. She was able to check her own mail and do things around the house like laundry, and everything she used to do before the child was here. Everything just came simple to her, nothing was a big fuss. She did fuss over the baby when he was up, with kisses, hugs and telling him how wonderful he was. It was just different for him.

Victoria was way different, then she was a girl, not a woman when she had Tylor. This wasn’t Elizabeth’s first rodeo, she has done it twice before, making it her life.

Later in the day, Brian comes up for dinner, Elizabeth ordering Chinese and having the table set, everything ready like always. The baby sitting in his swing, just smiling as he looks around. Elizabeth feeding and taking care of him first before, getting, their dinner ready.

“I didn’t hear much crying while I was working,” Brian says.

“No, he is a good baby. He likes when I talk to him and give him attention. He also likes falling asleep in my arms.” Elizabeth says with a smile.

“You seem really happy. Like this is just you.” Brian replies.

“I am happy, you and him make me happy. I thought having any more children were over, but I am so glad he is here. I guess this is me no matter how much I tried to be someone else. I am just used to being......mommy.” Elizabeth admits.

“I like this side of you, I like seeing you this happy,” Brian answers eating his lo mein.

“Its all because of you, I look at him and I see you. I know you don’t yet, but you will. He is part of the both of us. Our love created him.” Elizabeth smiles.

Brian just smiles back not sure what to answer. He just finishes his food. After dinner, Brian clears the table and does the dishes as Elizabeth gets the baby ready for bed.

When Brian is done the dishes, he locks up, and heads upstairs himself, peeking into the baby's room seeing Elizabeth sitting in the rocking chair, feeding Zackary. Just seeing them together Brian smiles. He can’t help it, it's such a beautiful sight.

Elizabeth tells him to come over, burping their son and both putting him into the crib. Elizabeth kisses him goodnight, leaving the night light on so she can check on him throughout the night. Brian watches everything she does. When she is done they both walk out of the baby's room and head to their own room.

“I am tired.” Elizabeth states.

“I bet, I will get up with him in the middle of the night. You need some rest.” Brian says.

“Are you sure? I know you have to go to work, I am fine with it. I am used to it.” Elizabeth answers.

“You don’t have to be. I want to help, plus I am staying home again tomorrow. I want to be with you. Matt said it was fine. He also said congratulations in his own way.“Brian replies.

“He seems to be more jealous of our relationship then Victoria is,” Elizabeth responds getting ready for her shower.

“He is, to be honest, he is just jealous of me for some reason. He hates me, his father likes me as his son, and he never got over that. Plus he was in love with Victoria and she, pines over me.” Brian answers.

“Did he tell her, our son was born?” Elizabeth asks.

“I am sure he did, with glee. Just so she would get over whatever she is holding on to. He did say she was very upset about you being pregnant. Its what has kept her away. Maybe we should have another.” Brian laughs.

“I am glad to see her step back. At least one is behaving. Do you want any more children?” Elizabeth asks.

“I am fine with this one. If it happens I am not going to be opposed but I think one child is good enough. Unless you want more?” Brian asks.

“One is fine, I did ask the doctor, he gave me the pill to start in two weeks. He said I can use it till I am fifty. This one is for women with high blood pressure so its lighter and has to be taken regularly at the same time.” Elizabeth says.

“Ok, at the rate we go its better than using nothing,” Brian smirks.

“That's what I figured, you may need to use protection at times. Some say it wears off after 21 hours. I am not used to it so we will need to figure it out.” Elizabeth replies.

“We will. It's not a problem, you're just going to have to let me know.....I am not sure about protection at the rate we go. Things go way too fast, neither of us thinking of anything else. So you may need to let me know to pull out. ” Brian announces.

“Ok, that works. I am really glad this was so easy to talk to you about, pretty much like everything else.” Elizabeth states.

“That is the way it should be,” Brian replies.

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