The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 163

Chapter 163

Brian is so relieved, he can’t contain himself, this was the best news he has ever gotten. All the stress, all these months was for nothing. The ultrasound was right, and so was Elizabeth, they just let Ethan and his craziness take over their minds. Which he now feels was the worse thing he could have done.

Looking back at the fight, they had and how he pushed her away because of this, and the whole while she was carrying his child. He looked at her differently at times, for no reason. It just hurts him. That's not the kind of man he is really is. Just he couldn’t help but feel jealous and hatred toward Ethan. How he lost out on all the nice things, just because he wasn't sure of the truth.

He even thinks how he was staying away from this child, just in case, it wasn’t his. The most important things he overlooked just to find out who the child's father really was. Which was him after all.

The overwhelming feelings rush over him and he just starts to cry holding his son in his arms and grabbing for Elizabeth. He would never let Ethan or anyone else stand in their way. He would also never let them go. Ethan wasn’t the whole problem, he was his own problem for giving into it, and almost losing it all.

“Brian are you ok?” Elizabeth asks holding him.

“Yes, babe I am so happy and I am so sorry. I have said and done some really dumb things, and you let me get away with it all. Never really saying anything and I am so sorry. There were times, I was worse then Ethan. I almost pushed you away for nonexisting reasons, just my own fear. And I didn't get to know my son, for the same fear. Can you ever forgive me?” Brian asks.

“I already have. You didn’t ask for any of this. I understand how you were feeling. I am not sure if it was the other way round I could have dealt with it either. We just know, now the baby is ours. We can move on.” Elizabeth says.

“Yes, We can. I am sorry I pushed you into marrying me. I know you were not ready and only did it to make me happy. To keep me from flipping out. That wasn’t very fair of me. I just didn’t want to lose you.” Brian admits.

“You didn't totally push me, I wanted to, and I am glad I did. I love being with you. Just like you I had my own fears, and I let them go and I am glad. We are still going to get remarried in front of everyone right?” Elizabeth asks.

“You still want that? Its anything you want, I have a lot of making up to do. I can’t believe how stupid I was.” Brian says rubbing his eyes.

“You were not stupid you were human. And yes I really do want to marry you the right way. I want to wear a pretty dress and walk down an aisle to you. I also want to give you a proper wedding night. I want to do everything with you.“Elizabeth replies.

“Then we shall, and our son will be there with us,” Brian says with a smile, kissing her tenderly.

Elizabeth also felt relieved knowing the truth, she felt it deep down but having the paper that stated it made it real. She didn’t have to worry about resentment, court cases, visitation, and so much more that would have come with the child being Ethan's. It was finally all over, they didn’t have to deal with it anymore. She hoped now things would finally calm down and they could get on with there lives.

They had so many things coming up. They had to do a small tour for the second book, they had to plan a small wedding and she had to finish book three. Their life was busy, to say the least, but at least now hopefully it didn't include Ethan.

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