The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 164

Chapter 164

Brian stays in the living room, giving all his time to his son. Now that he knew he was really his, he wanted to spend all the time with him he could. He wanted to make up for the lost time. Elizabeth just smiles and feels tons better. She goes into the kitchen to make them something for dinner. As she is doing so, her phone rings.

“Hey,” Ethan says.

“Hey, did you get the results as well?” Elizabeth asks.

“Yes, I did. I just wanted to say Congratulations. You knew it was his, you were right.” Ethan answers.

“I told you that form the start, you just wouldn’t listen to me. I guess some things never change.” Elizabeth remarks.

“I guess not. I hope you two are happy. I am going to go back to Wisconsin tonight. There is no need for me to stay here. I hope Brian knows just how lucky he really is.” Ethan says.

“He knows, I am lucky to. You need to concentrate on your relationship with Jessica and have your own life.” Elizabeth replies.

“I am not sure I want to be with her. I want to make a clean break from everything and just start over.” Ethan admits.

“That's your choice. I really do want you to be happy too Ethan.” Elizabeth responds.

“I know, when you have time please call our children and talk to them. I promise I will stay out of it and give you your life back. There is no point otherwise. I know you're not leaving him, and now having his son, I know it's over altogether.” Ethan replies.

“I am so glad you know that. Yes, I will call them later tonight and talk to them. I might have gone about some things wrong too. Just in this situation, you're not sure what to do or even how to act. I am just glad it's over.” Elizabeth comments.

“I get that. I bet Brian is happy about his son. The kid is really cute. I hope he finally bonds with him, he was staying away from him at the hospital because of me. Loverboy, I mean Brian shouldn’t have done that.” Ethan remarks.

“It's over now, and he is very happy it's his and making up for the lost time. Everyone reacts different Ethan, you know that. And it's not really your problem or business anymore.” Elizabeth replies.

“I guess not. You got what you wanted. Enjoy.” Ethan says.

“Thank you. Have a safe trip back.” Elizabeth answers.

“Thanks,” Ethan responds.

Ethan knows he lost, there is nothing left. He held that over their heads for as long as he could. It really didn’t shock him that it wasn’t his child, it was just all revenge and he knew he got to Brian.

At this time, Ethan just wanted to go home and fix his own life, he knew that Elizabeth wasn’t coming home. Even without Brian, she would never return to him or even their home state. She moved on from their life now it was his turn.

About being with Jessica he wasn’t sure of that either, he didn't love her. He just went to her all those years for their son. It was ok while he was married but now to have a full-pledged relationship with her, he wasn’t up for it. He actully just wanted to be single and take a breathe.

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