The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 165

Chapter 165

Elizabeth gets off the phone then Brian and she sits down to dinner.

“He called didn’t he?” Brian asks.

“Yes, He is going home. Its all over, he knows now that it will never return to the way it was.” Elizabeth answers.

“It’s about time, I wish I could have been there to see his reaction to that damn test. He was so sure it was his.” Brian says.

“I think deep down he knew the truth, he just wanted to torture us. It's over now, lets please just move on.” Elizabeth replies.

“Yes, that sounds good to me,” Brian responds.

“Later after dinner, I would like to call my girls and see how they are. I need to fix that if I can.” Elizabeth remarks.

“That's fine babe, I will do the dishes and you can call. The baby is sleeping, I fed him before I came in here to eat.” Brian comments.

“I am glad to see your bond with him. It's great to see, and thank you.” Elizabeth replies.

“It's great to finally know he is mine.” Brian comments.

They have a nice dinner when it's over Brian cleans up while Elizabeth goes into their office to make the phone call, that in a way she is dreading.

“Hi, Mom How are you?” Sofia says answering on the second ring.

“I am doing very well. How are you doing?” Elizabeth asks.

“I’m great. Its been a while, we have been texting you, but you only seem to text back short answers. We did hear from dad, he was visiting NJ for some reason. He is on his way home now.” Sofia replies.

Elizabeth knows that Ethan never told the real reason, he didn’t want them to know or ask questions either. He finally did something right. Then did they see ET? Or read the interview?

“I am sorry for being so distant, there just has been a lot going on. I wanted to make sure everything is ok with me, you, and your sister? Your father told me that, you think I picked Brian over you both?” Elizabeth blurts out.

“To be honest at the start yea we did. I mean you just left us, without caring. You moved to a new state, you changed everything for him. Then even married him without letting any of us know or even be there and had his child. It is pretty messed up mother.” Sofia says.

“I didn't leave you, I left your father. I wanted away from anything that reminded me of him. I didn't tell you guys about us getting married because I didn't want your father to make trouble. He wasn’t too happy about any of this and he was always trying to hurt us, but I believe we are over that now. We are going to get married again and planning on everyone to be there. I was also very pregnant and didn't want anything at the moment. I know you guys took it we didn’t want you there but that wasn’t true.” Elizabeth answers.

“We both know that you and dad, are not getting along. We saw the interview. I am not even sure what that was. There were so many lies, we never expected dad to say all that. He even went as far as to say that you slept together and having his child. He needs to stop, whatever is going on needs to stop.” Sofia comments.

“Your father was just very upset about things. I am sure he has learned from that mistake. We have talked since then and both said we are going to stop and try to be nice. I know a lot has happened. Divorce is a lot to deal with, we both could have dealt with it better. We have grown and want to make it better now. Going back to what matters, I don't want you or your sister to think I am not there for you. I didn’t give you up. I just don’t want to be there.” Elizabeth responds.

“We are fine mom, we would like to hear from you more often and be in your life more.“Sofia says.

“That's totally fine, I would like it also.” Elizabeth answers.

“How do you like being married to him and now a baby?” Sofia asks.

“I like it. It's way different than your father. I can’t wait for you to see your brother. Are you coming down with Mom Mom when she comes?” Elizabeth remarks.

“Yes maybe, We would love to see him. I am sure he is just adorable. Mom Mom said she is coming at the original time she planned.” Sofia states.

“Yes she told me that too, I told her to. There is no need for her to change things. We are doing fine.” Elizabeth comments.

“I am really glad you are. I am also glad we talked.“Sofia says.

“Me to baby, I am really sorry you and your sister have to deal with all this,” Elizabeth replies.

“Are you happy?” Sofia asks.

“Yes, I finally am,” Elizabeth responds.

“That's all that matters.” She replies.

Elizabeth felt good that she talked to her daughter. She knew that she and Ethan were not making this very easy for anyone. Its been a big mess. It didn’t only effect the lives but the ones they loved most. She knew she had to pay more attention to that in the future.

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