The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 166

Chapter 166

The month goes by, and Brian and Elizabeth get settled into their regular life. Elizabeth back to motherhood and taking care of the house as Brian goes to work. Elizabeth does work on the third book every chance she gets, which makes her very busy. She takes care of the baby, house, Brian and even works. Brian is also very busy, spending a lot of time at the office picking up the slack, for all the time he stayed away. Also knowing in the upcoming months, he will be taking more time off to go away with Elizabeth on the tours.

They don’t spend as much time together as they would like. Their life has become very busy, Brian does come home every night for dinner, doing his best to make sure at least he can be there for that. They sit down at the dining table and talk about their day. Telling each other everything, and trying to be close. After dinner, Elizabeth will clean up and Brian will go down to his office doing as much work as he can before bed.

Once in bed, they just cuddle up and go to sleep. Being extremely tired from their days and Elizabeth still recuperating from having the baby. Brian hasn't pressed anything about sex, he feels when she is ready she will initiate it. He knows she has been through a lot and her body needs to heal. He is happy with having her next to him, they keep that the same.

This week will be just as busy as the others with Elizabeth’s mother and daughters coming to see the baby and stay for a bit. Elizabeth’s daughters will be staying for a week, where her mother is staying indefinitely due to the tours. Elizabeth needs her to stay with the baby when she and Brian will go away.

WHich thanks to Monica won’t be as much as they thought. It is still better that they don’t take the baby with them and have someone they can trust take care of it. So her mother said, she would do them the favor for as long as needed. It also will give Elizabeth time to be with her, and also time to concentrate on the book and hopefully get it finished.

She knows while her daughters are here, not much will get done as she wants to try to spend as much time with them as she can. Feeling she owes them, she feels bad about how they feel, and she wants to make it up to them.

Since Ethan found out the baby wasn’t his, he has stayed away not bothering either of them. Keeping his word, which Elizabeth is very grateful for. She can finally live a normal life, at least she hopes. Brian and she doesn’t fight, they have no reason to, they are both very happy with each other when they do see each other. Elizabeth knows that this also needs to stop, just at the moment, she is as busy as he is, so she can’t say too much.

“Sweety, My family is coming here this week, I really would like you to be around more. I want to have family dinners and family time. I want my kids to get to know you better and feel at home here. Like they fit in.” Elizabeth says.

“I will do my best babe, I will for sure be home for dinner, if you have anything planned please let me know ahead of time so I know. Things are just very busy.” Brian answers.

“I know, same for me, but we need to make time for the family. I would like it if Tylor came this weekend and spend time with us as well. I know he likes the girls and they like him.” Elizabeth remarks.

“That's very sweet babe. I will let Victoria know to make him come a day or two early. It's very nice that your daughters treat him like a little brother. They got along very nicely when they were here at Christmas time. They seem to like him better then they like me.” Brian admits.

“Well, they don't feel he took me away,” Elizabeth says in a low voice.

“You have nothing to be ashamed of or feel bad about. You were not happy with him. I am sure they saw it. They could understand it, it's just going to take them time.” Brian replies.

“I know, I am going to spend as much time with them as I can this week. I think before they leave maybe, we should have a family dinner inviting your brother and Martha over. We can throw them a party.” Elizabeth responds.

“Babe, that's fine, but don’t put too much on your plate. I don’t know how you do it all. I know you even get up in the middle of the night to write the book. You're going to get burn out.” Brian says.

“I get up with the baby then I go to write. I want to get it done, while I have the thoughts in my head. There was a time I had none, I was at a standstill, now it's going better. Just there are times I don't have the time to sit and write. I have real-life things to do.” Elizabeth huffs.

“The third book will be wonderful. I am sure of it. Don’t let it get the best of you. You have come so far.” Brian answers.

“I know, it's just hard sometimes. I want the last part to be great. I don't want to let anyone down. I also don’t want to fall flat on my face. I have a lot of people who would love to laugh at me.” Elizabeth admits.

“Don't worry about them, just do your thing,” Brian says.

“I love you.“Elizabeth says going over to him and kissing his head.

“I love you too.” Brian says putting his arms around her waist and giving her a hug.

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