The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 167

Chapter 167

The week goes on, Elizabeth's kids and mother arriving from Wisconsin. Elizabeth goes all out and has everything looking perfect. Elizabeth buys a long glass outdoor table with an umbrella with an outdoor rug for under it for their yard. She also gets a grill, and some outdoor lights to make things festive. She figures they can have the party outside. She also plants some pretty flowers, making things colorful and come to life. Brian just watches as she does so. Seeing she is in her element.

While they are there, they have their nightly dinners, which seem to go well. Elizabeth’s daughters do there best to accept Brian. Trying to open up to him and not be rude or mean. They really didn’t dislike him for any other reason then, their mother leaving their father for him. Which at this point didn't matter anymore, it seemed they both were moving on.

Elizabeth's mom and girls swoon over little Zach. Giving him tons of attention and love. Seeing how adorable he is, and how their mother babied him to death. Which wasn’t new to them at all. She did the same to them, they were not jealous at all over it.

One night after dinner before Brian leaves to go to the office, the girls stop him and want to talk to him.

“May we have a word with you?” The girls ask.

“Sure, What can I do for the both of you?” Brian asks.

“We just wanted to say that we are very happy with how you make our mom happy. We have never seen her so happy and alive before. We are sorry for any ill will towards you in the past.” They say.

“Don’t worry about it. There are no hard feelings, you two have treated me fine. We are all good.” Brian responds.

“Thank you, and Thank you for having us in your home.” They answer.

“It’s not only my home, but it's also your moms which makes it yours. You are always welcome here. I am glad you came to see the baby. I am also glad to see you accept him as your baby brother.” Brian says.

“Of course, he is darling. We also love Tylor and can’t wait to see him.” Sofia answers.

“He will be here, and also for the party. I am sure he can’t wait to see you two either.” Brian replies. Knowing he still has to call Victoria and tell her.

He totally forgot he had no time to deal with her or anything that had to do with her. Even though Elizabeth did remind him, it went right out of his head. So after talking to the girls, he figures no better time than the present to get it over with.

“Hey, Victoria if it would be ok, can Tylor come a few days early this week?” Brian asks.

“May I ask why? What's the occasion?” Victoria asks.

“My wife has her family down and is having a party before they head back. We would like Tylor to be part of it.” Brian answers.

“Funny how it's ok for her family to be around but you never wanted mine around.” Victoria hisses.

“They only visit a few times a year and are less problematic then your family. Her mother couldn't give two shits and keeps her mouth closed for the most part, and for kids, well they are kids. Even they have come along way.” Brian admits.

“You have a lot of nerve you know that. I will ask Tylor if he wants to come over if so I will drop him off. I haven't seen your little spawn yet.” Victoria spats.

“Very funny, Just let me know what he says. Don’t keep him from it just because you want to get back at me Victoria. It's not fair for our son.” Brian says.

“Yes, OUR son. The one who gets thrown to the curb for the new life you want.” Victoria howls.

“Don’t start that shit again, that's not true, I see Tylor all the time and you know it.” Brian snaps.

“I didn’t mean that I meant for her and your new life, our son will never have us as a family,” Victoria admits.

“You're with Matt for christ's sake, are you for real? He told me you have moved on, that you were thinking about having a baby. Why don't you do so?” Brian asks.

“It's just that easy for you to walk away, to not look back. You never did for me, what you are doing for her. All of a sudden your the caring loving husband. Why didn’t I get that?” Victoria says.

“I was a kid, I didn’t feel like this towards you. And at the time I didn’t even know what I wanted. I am older now, things changed. You need to get over it and stop harboring resentment.” Brian replies.

“That is fucking easy for you to say. Your not the one that had to think quick to get back on your feet to raise our son. Before her giving you a job, you made peanuts and I had to do it all. Its Why I married Matt.“Victoria admits.

“You married him for a lot of reasons. One to get back at me, since he was my best friend. I am not going to keep going over this with you. Let Tylor call me back or text me with what's up.” Brian says hanging up the phone in a huff.

“Are you ok?” Elizabeth asks.

“Yea, I had to talk to Victoria, you know how that goes,” Brian says.

“Is Tylor coming?” Elizabeth says.

“He will let me know,” Brian says, going to his office.

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