The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 168

Chapter 168

A few hours later, Brian gets a text from his son, letting him know, he will be over tomorrow. He knew the only reason Victoria gave in was so she could see the baby. He didn’t need her to make a scene or cause any trouble. Elizabeth’s family was here, he didn’t want or need any of that. Plus he knew how Elizabeth felt about her.

She was still a bit pissed when she came over and told her they slept together. He knew even though Elizabeth kept it to herself that bothered her, it was just before her time. And at the time, so much was going on with Ethan and her own problems. Why Dwell?

The following day comes, and Brian goes to work hoping that Victoria waits for him to be home to drop off Tylor. Not wanting her alone with Elizabeth today. Scared she would say or do something damaging. He knew how cold and hurtful Victoria could be, like calling their son a spawn.

Elizabeth wouldn’t take to kindly to that and would let her have it. Starting another round, Ethan was a son of a bitch, but Victoria was even worse when you got her started.

Brian texts Elizabeth all day making sure that everything was going well. Which it was, she was spending time with her daughters, out shopping with them showing them around even more than she got to for Christmas. Brian was relieved that she wasn’t even home. He hurried up and got into his car and drives home, hoping that he will get there in time. He hated that he had to live this way.

Now it seemed, they were done putting up with Ethan and Victoria was back, was she going to behave or be a bitch? He had no clue, he figured he would find that out himself.

When he gets home from work, Elizabeth and her daughters are still out, her mother is home watching the baby.

“Oh, I thought you went with them,” Brian says.

“No, I wanted them to have time alone. They miss their mom, so I stayed home with the little one.” Joan says.

“Oh, Ok. How are you liking your stay?” Brian asks.

“I love it, I miss my daughter, its nice to see her every day again. Thank you for having me.” Joan replies.

“You're very welcome. I am home now if you would like a break from the baby to do your own thing.” Brian responds.

“Thank you, that will be nice. They should be home soon since its getting close to dinner and Elizabeth knows that's the time you come home. Aren’t you home a bit early?” Joan asks.

“Yes, my son is coming over and I wanted to be home when he got here,” Brian admits.

“Ahh, Victoria I take it? Joan responds.

“Yea, it’s not fair for anyone else to have to deal with her.” Brian comments.

“The price of having ex’s huh?” Joan laughs.

“So true! You go relax and I will see you at dinner.” He says.

Joan goes off to her room, which she was sharing with the baby. They didn't have many bedrooms so people had to bunk together.

Brian sits, waits, and hopes Victoria hurry's up, not wanting anyone to witness her bullshit. Which he gets lucky, she comes when they are still not home. The doorbell rings and Brian gets up and gets the door quickly.

“Come on in Tylor, you can drop your things upstairs. Dinner will be soon.” Brian says.

“Ok, dad,” Tylor says going upstairs.

“So where is the little dear,” Victoria asks.

“I am not sure, why you want to see my child so badly?” Brian says.

“It's just common politeness. Does he look like you or her?” Victoria asks.

“To be honest he looks like me.“Brian says holding his new son.

Victoria just looks at him, seeing that he does. Seeing those piercing blue eyes. Her heart just falls into her chest, knowing it was his and not Ethan’s.

“I heard on ET that the child could have been Ethan’s. I guess not.” Victoria says.

“Don’t you talk to Matt?” Brian asks.

“I told him, he just didn’t answer me. Like most of the time when I bring you up. He ignores it.” Victoria replies.

Brian knew now that Matt didn’t tell her anything that was really going on. He kept it to himself. Not to protect Brian, but himself. He wanted her to think it was Brian’s, so she would move on.

“I really think you and Matt should have a baby. I think it would do you a lot of good.” Brian says.

Victoria just watches Brian hold that child she looks up at him and then the baby. Trying her best to keep her true feelings deep inside.

“We will see. I am not ready for that yet. I Still Can’t believe you are. You are really happy with her, aren't you?” Victoria asks.

“Yes very.” Brian answers.

“Now you even have him to raise together. The happy family man. The rich lawyer, the co-author. Who the hell would have ever thought it.” Victoria replies.

“Now you sound like Matt,” Brian responds.

“I guess he told you what he really thinks about you?” Victoria gloats.

“Yea, he made sure he told me. I am not sure what he is jealous about, he had it all first. He didn’t even have to work for any of it. It was handed to him.” Brian states.

“He just doesn’t like hearing me talk about you. He has been living in the shadow of our relationship all these years. It's not easy for him.” Victoria admits.

“Then why do you do it? You just like to torture him, is that it? Our relationship was never that great. We had a lot of problems. There were times we were just not happy at all but stayed for Tylor." Brian admits.

“We started out as friends, he would listen to all of our problems, just because I married him, that part didn't stop. Now it's just different for him to hear. It bothers him because he is jealous. He wants me to love him, the way I love you and I can’t.” Victoria says Going in to try to kiss Brian.

Brian hears the car door and knows that Elizabeth and the kids are home. He pushes Victoria away really fast. So there isn’t anything to see. Victoria just gloats.

“I see you dropped off Tylor. Thank you I really wanted him to be here for the party. ” Elizabeth says walking in the door. Going over to Brian giving him a kiss.

“Victoria was just leaving,” Brian says a bit nervously.

“Yea, congratulations on your son, I am sure he will be a heartache just like his father,” Victoria answers as Brian pushes her out the door.

“You didn’t have to be that pushy, did you?” Elizabeth laughs.

“I don’t want her here. She is trouble and I wish she wouldn’t drop Tylor off. Anyway, how was your afternoon?” Brian asks quickly changing the subject.

“It was great, me and the girls had a wonderful time. We also took dinner home from this awesome restaurant we found. I am going to set the table so we can eat. It's great that your home early. I miss you.” Elizabeth says Giving him a hug.

“I miss you too babe,” Brian says.

Thankful she didn’t see anything. Its all he needed, she would have really gotten pissed and would have had every right to. Victoria wasn’t going away that easy. She did for a short time but it seemed she was back. Brian at the moment, didn’t know what to do. He just wanted to get this week over with. Then her girls would go home and things would go back to normal. It was just a few more days.

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