The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 169 Dinner party

Chapter 169 Dinner Party.

It was finally coming to an end, It was the day of the party to say goodbye to the girls. Brian didn’t mind them there at all, they were no problem at all. They were all getting along and everything was going well. He just knew once they went home, so did Tylor and things would go back to normal. Not Asking Victoria for any favors. His Brother Sean was coming over tonight for the party and would be taking Tylor home. That was music to Brian’s ears.

Brian sat there the other night after the almost kiss and wondered to himself, was Victoria doing this because she really cared? Or because she just wanted to be a bitch and cause trouble? Maybe a little bit of both popped up in his mind. He just knew that had to stop.

Elizabeth would be hurt and just wonder more if she would have seen it. Its something Brian didn't want or need. Things were calm between them at the moment. He did wish they spent more time together and were a bit closer in some area’s but he also understood, she just had their son and needed to get things back in order. Physically and otherwise.

He goes downstairs and takes a look in their yard, the fancy lights lite around their umbrella, and lanterns lit all around for ambiance. The long table set, with fancy dishes and pretty flowers. He knew Elizabeth was in her element, he was glad she was happy.

“Babe, the yard looks incredible,” Brian says.

“Thank you, sweety. Would you mind being the grilling master that you are tonight?” Elizabeth smirks.

“Hmm, getting me to cook with flattery huh?” Brian says with a chuckle.

“Yep.” She replies.

“Sure, what are we having?” Brian asks.

“Steak, with shrimp kababs, corn on the cob and garden salad,” Elizabeth responds.

“Sounds great, I will get the grill started.” Brian answers.

“I also picked up some cold beer for you and Sean.” Elizabeth comments.

“Ahh great, thank you, that will help me man the grill.” Brian laughs.

“The beer or Sean?” Elizabeth asks.

“A bit of both,” Brian says, going over and kissing her.

Sean comes over and they both head into the yard to man the grill. While the ladies get ready for dinner.

“I see that Victoria let Tylor come, that was a good thing,” Sean says. Standing next to the grill.

“Not really, she was a real bitch the other day. I had to run home from work just so she didn’t interact with Elizabeth.” Brian answers.

“What did you think she was going to do? Elizabeth can handle herself.” Sean responds.

“I know that I just don’t need Victoria starting shit. She called our son a spawn, I can just imagine what she would have said to Elizabeth.” Brian replies.

“A spawn? She never lacks in her wording does she? You look like there is more to this then that.” Sean comments.

“She tried to kiss me, I got lucky and pushed her away before Elizabeth saw anything. Last time she said we slept together. I don’t need this shit. That will put ideas in Elizabeth’s head thinking we are still screwing since me and her aren’t at the moment.” Brian admits.

“Heh, The jackrabbits are finally at a halt? You were the one that wanted to get married. Welcome to married life, you get laid on special occasions if you are lucky. Your birthday isn’t too far away, just a few more months. ” Sean laughs. ” You just need to ignore Victoria. I am not sure why this is really bugging you that much.” Sean adds.

“Very funny, it's not that. We just had a baby, I am not pushing it. I am sure it will come back, we still kiss and be close just not sexual yet. And are you for real? You know Victoria she cares about nothing, there is no limit on how she can fuck this up.” Brian says.

“I think you're too lenient with her. You need to just say it's over back the fuck off.” Sean replies.

“I have been telling her that for years.” Brian answers.

“Really? Is that how she winded up in your bed? You know she thought for sure that meant something. That it wasn’t over. She figured when you came back from the book tour you were going back to her. She never thought you were going to fall in love when you were away.” Sean admits.

“I didn’t either, but either way, I wasn't going back to her. We had a bit to drink and one thing lead to another. It was just sex. I know it shouldn’t have been with her, but it happened. You think she would care, that Matt would find out.” Brian comments.

“Those two are two sickos. He probably already knows about it. He knows everything else and hasn’t done a damn thing to stop it. Another man would tell her to knock it off or they would get rid of her. I think to be honest he eggs it on, just to break your balls. ” Sean confesses.

“Oh god, they are sicko’s and that wouldn’t surprise me. Just thank you for taking Tylor home tonight, that way she doesn't come here.” Brain says.

“No problem but you can’t hide forever,” Sean responds.

Brian knew he was right but for now, he was going to try. The rest of the night goes very well, everyone sitting down to eat. The conversation good and food even better. The way it's supposed to be. It was Brian’s family mixed with Elizabeth’s and everyone got along. It was nothing like Karen and Joe. People enjoyed being around each other. It was better than ever expected.

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