The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 17 Wondering

Chapter 17 Wondering.

A few weeks go by, they are still in New York, going to different Book Stores, trying to promote the book. Which isn’t doing too bad, since it just started. Online sales are actually doing well. Brian and Elizabeth still work out every day. Even if the hotel or motel they are at doesn’t have a gym, as now they are traveling a bit.

Brian has been driving them to each place. Helping as much as he can. Knowing that she doesn’t know her way around. He was ok with being in New York as he has been there before. They still enjoyed hanging out together. They had a very good friendship. Talking to each other. It was nice. They both keep their feelings towards the other to themselves. The spark was still there very strong, just neither of them acts on it.

They would go to the book signings, get something to eat, and head back to their hotel or motel. Sharing a room but it had two beds. It was a little awkward at times.just both of them doing their best not to let on.

When they were done with the New York promotions, they were on there the way to PA. This was going to be a bit of a ride in the car together. They pack their clothes, some snacks, then they were on their way. They would talk and listen to the radio, while on their way. Making the most out of it all. Drinking soda and eating drive-in food.

They both felt very comfortable with each other. It would be even better if the sexual tension wasn’t there. When they would touch even though it might be a hand to give the other a drink or anything. The spark would ignite. Elizabeth never felt this before. It was all new to her. No one ever made her feel this way. She just wasn’t sure, if it was really him doing this to her? Or because he looked like Zach? She just knew when he touched her she wanted so much more. He would heat up her whole body, making her feeling crazy inside.

He pretty much felt the same. It was way different than his relationship with Victoria. His high school sweetheart. He loved her but never had this passion and lust for her. He had been around, never feeling this way before. He liked it. He would think if just touching her, in general, makes him feel this way. What would making love to her feel like? He would just put it in the back of his mind and move on. He had to keep his eye on the road. He would still find himself from time to time staring at her. Especially when she would fall asleep.

He never thought he would meet a woman like her. Then here she was, but she was married, in a way his boss. Also, she was ten years older than him, not that she looked it. Starting this would create a lot of mess. Things could get out of hand. Not to mention, the publicity it would bring the book. He wasn’t sure it would be good either. He wasn’t even sure, she felt the same about him. He would catch her staring, but that didn’t mean she wanted him. He wasn’t sure what to do. So he figured for now to do nothing. He could lose his job if she didn’t feel the same. It could be sexual harassment. It was better not to start anything at all.

He also thought being friends was a good thing. He never really was friends with a woman before. It always started out with sex. Then a quick romance and then end. He didn’t have a great track record with relationships. He also thought her marriage might not be the greatest, but that doesn’t mean she wants to cheat. Twenty years to be married to someone was a long time. You just don’t want to throw it away.

Brian just kept on driving, listening to the music as Elizabeth slept next to him in the passenger seat. His mind was way too busy with all these thoughts. He figured he would pay more attention to the music to take his mind off of things.

They would be in PA soon and need to get ready for their first Promotion there. He needed to be on his toes.

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