The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 170

Chapter 170

Elizabeth’s daughters go home, and time goes by, it's now July. Brian and Elizabeth still busy with everyday life, their son getting bigger day by day. Elizabeth’s mother stays with them, getting to know their daily routines, and how Elizabeth takes care of the baby.

Which she still does even though she has her mother's help. She only takes it, when she needs to write or do something important for work. Otherwise, she is a hands-on mother, not wanting to miss a thing. Knowing she will have to leave Zach with her mom soon when they go on tour.

Elizabeth is busy getting ready for the second book release. Monica sent over books for her to sign and send back, so they can put them around some of the book stores, she will not be attending in person. She tries at night when the baby is sleeping, and so is everyone else, to get more and more work done. When it's quiet and she can think. It just makes her more tired during the day.

Brian knows and sees how hard she is working on these books. He knows she wants this to work out, so she can be independent and also show she can do this. He lets it go wanting her to succeed just like she wants him to.

He does miss her a lot though, between the child and both jobs they only get to spend some time with each other. Nothing like seeing each other and spending all hours together, like when they first met. Brian misses those days. Traveling around with her, getting to know her and be close to her. He is looking forward to the book tour, so they will be along and together. Hoping it will bring them closer together as it has in the past.

On Sunday's Sean comes over and helps Brian mow the lawn, and just bullshit about everyday things. His relationship with his brother has gotten even closer than before. They tell each other everything. Sean also takes and picks up Tylor again to keep Victoria away. They haven’t seen her since the almost kiss. Which Brian hopes to never see her again, he just knows that's not what is going to happen.

Brian is sitting at the back yard table with his brother Sean, having a conversation while Elizabeth is inside making dinner and watching the baby. Tylor helping with dinner, as he and Elizabeth have become good friends. She doesn’t try to mother him, she knows she isn’t his mother. Plus she doesn’t want to step on Victoria’s toes. She treats him very well and they get along very nicely.

She sees a lot of Brian in him, which makes her smile. Also now having her own son with him, she is over the moon about. She never thought she could feel this way again but she thinks he is the greatest and couldn’t see her life without him. She is so happy he is here.

“So Bro, how have things been? Its been a few weeks that her mother has been here.” Sean asks.

“It's been fine, her mother doesn’t get in my way. She goes to her room right after dinner and sometimes even eats before we sit down at dinner, so we have some time alone.” Brian answers.

“That's nice. At least you don’t have mother-in-law issues.” Sean says.

“True, that's one thing that hasn't been a problem,” Brian replies.

“So how is the other problem? You two ever get your groove back?” Sean asks.

“No, it's going on two and a half months that the baby has been here. Sometimes she doesn’t even come to bed, she goes and writes or sign the books, getting them ready for the tour.” Brian responds.

“Doesn’t she see you that way anymore? I mean seriously you two couldn’t keep your hands off of each other. Now nothing? How long has it been? ” Sean comments.

“In total, four months. In the last few months of the pregnancy, we didn't do anything. She was very uncomfortable so I left her alone. I don’t know if she still feels that way, we haven't talked about it. I have been pretty busy myself with work. I am hoping, that things do a bit better when we are on tour together. It's not going to be as long as it was the first time but even a few days alone will be nice.” Brian says.

“Why wait for that? Why don’t you just seduce her? You have in the past....or we wouldn’t be here.” Sean laughs.

“I feel bad, waking her up for sex. I know she is tired. She has the baby to take care of too. Who she is very attached to. ” Brian states.

“A little jealous? He gets more attention then you do.” Sean asks.

“No, he is my son. I am glad she is a good mother and takes care of him as she does. I couldn’t ask for more.” Brian replies.

“Really?” Sean stares.

“Ok maybe at times a little. I am used to all her attention, but I am glad she is a good mother. It's great to see. We just need to move past whatever this is. We have to figure out, how to make this work, with everything, and not fall into a regular boring marriage.” Brian answers.

“Marriage and kids make it boring. Its no more you, it's them and everything they need or want. Maybe she was right when she thought she couldn't have any. It would have kept things alive for a little longer. You get into a rut, a regular everyday routine, there is no more hot sex, your happier to just see the bed and sleep.” Sean replies.

“What the hell do you know about Marriage? You have never been married! I don't regret having my son, I am glad to have a child with her to be able to share this with her. I just have to think about how to bring the hot sex back as well.” Brian responds.

“I might not be married but I have been with Martha for a while now. It's the same living with them. Plus all our friends are married, they tell me the same shit. Get married, sex is over. Why that is, I can’t answer you.” Sean remarks.

“Not everyone, I am sure there are couples that still have sex regularly. You just have to work on it. ” Brian answers.

“Then you better start working on it, before it falls away and can’t make it right again. Remember her first marriage?” Sean states.

“We are nothing like that, but your right. I will see what I can do.” Brian replies.

They sit down together and have a wonderful meal when the dinner is over Sean takes Tylor home, and Elizabeth's mother goes to bed.

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