The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 171

Chapter 171

When Brian is alone and Sean goes home, Elizabeth is washing the dishes. He sits and wonders about what Sean said. “Does she still feel that way about you?” That sticks in his mind and bothers him. Why wouldn’t she? He knows they have been through a lot lately, but nothing that would take that away, or at least he doesn’t think so.

He goes to their bedroom and lays in bed hoping that she comes to bed when she is done with everything. Elizabeth finishes cleaning up downstairs, she heads upstairs with Little Zachary, where she gives him a bath and gets him ready for bed. She feeds and rocks him to sleep. Making sure he has everything he needs before she goes back down into the basement office to finish signing the books.

She just sits on the floor, taking one book out at a time signing it and putting them into a box getting them ready to ship out to Monica. Brian waits and sees she isn't coming to bed, which just makes him wonder even more. Just this time, he doesn’t go to sleep, he gets up and walks downstairs to see what she is doing and to talk to her.

When he gets downstairs, he sees her in the middle of the office floor with books surrounding her and her packing and signing them. He knows for sure there isn't anyone else, just that she is very busy and trying to get this done.

“Babe are you ok?” Brian asks sitting next to her.

“Yea, I want this done. I want them to ship out on time so Monica can send them where she needs to. It just seems I am never getting done.“Elizabeth answers.

“I can help babe, You know I don’t mind,” Brian says.

“You're busy with your own job, you don’t need this on top of it.” Elizabeth states.

“Signing a few books before bed isn’t going to weigh me down. Hand me a few, plus it will give us some time together.” Brian replies.

Elizabeth smiles and hands him some books to sign. They both stay there at least an hour getting all the books done. While signing the books, they talk and Brian tries to bring some closeness to them.

“All the books are now done, You have nothing to worry about,” Brian says.

“Thank you so much.” Elizabeth answers.

Brian can’t help himself, he moves in close to her pushing her body next to his on the floor and kisses her passionately. Wanting to see if it's still there, if she still wanted him as bad or if the spark truly died.

He sees that Elizabeth’s eyes close and her arms wrap around him moving, herself closer to his body. He keeps going with his hands roaming her frame, which was now more plump in some areas. Her breasts were bigger and so was her bottom from having the baby. Brian didn’t mind that at all. Their kisses get more passionate and yearning, Brian just picks her up bridal style and carries her to their bedroom. Laying her down on their king-size bed hoving over her body. He kisses down her neck as his hand rubs and caresses her breasts. He hears light moans come out of her mouth which only turns him on more. He wants to savor the moments and the touches. Its been so long.

As he goes to take off her satin PJ top, their son starts crying.

“I need to go check on him,” Elizabeth says.

“I don’t want to stop,” Brian replies.

“I don’t either but it's not just us anymore.” She responds.

“I will go get him, he probably just needs a change.” Brian answers.

“Ok, Thank you.” She comments.

Brian gets up, kissing her again on her lips, then heading out to their son’s room, where he changes him and bottle feeds him. Making sure he is full and will sleep for the rest of the night. When he goes back to their bedroom, Elizabeth is out cold sleeping on the bed, which doesn’t surprise him at all. At this time he is extremely tired too, he just gets in and curls up next to her. Her body moves close to his and her lips lightly touch his. Kissing him goodnight. They lay in each other's arms and fall asleep.

Brian knows the spark is there, which makes him feel good. They just need the time alone to work on it. As long as it was still there, he didn't care the rest would follow. If it was gone, there wasn’t much he could do and that bothered him to even think about. He always remembers her saying, she didn't want it to be like her past relationship. Now he understood and he didn't want that either. He missed the spark, the desire. It was there just covered by sleep deprivation. He would and could work on that.

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