The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 172

Chapter 172

The next morning, Brian gets up early, kissing Elizabeth on her head, as he heads to his shower to get ready for work. The baby is still sleeping, so it gives him time to get ready and Elizabeth more time to sleep. He still thinks about last night, just knowing how tired she is, he leaves her alone to get some rest. Feeling they have all the time in the world to work on it. They will be going away together for a bit and he would work on it then. For now, his job and hers plus the baby needed them.

Brian gets dressed, and heads to the kitchen were the coffee is already brewed, he takes a cup and heads out to work. He also takes all the boxes with the signed books with him, knowing that Monica’s office is only a few blocks from where he works.

He could drop them off on the way to save the shipping and Elizabeth worryment. This way, they would be hand-delivered. He knew this was stressing her out and was another thing keeping the passion away. She was too filled with everything else on her mind to think about sex. He understood that there were times with all the work, he had he felt the same. Which he also knew wasn’t a good thing, it would slowly eat away at their relationship making it just like the rest, which neither of them wanted. If you didn’t work at it, it would fall into the regular routine.

Brian just shrugs it off, for now, it was all he could do.

He gets into the car and heads to Monica's office building going into the lobby then giving her a call. So she would know that the boxes where there.

“Hey Monica, I just wanted to let you know, I am downstairs dropping the boxes off personally. We have signed all 300 of them.” Brian says.

“Holy shit, you two are fast. I will let my secretary come down and get them. Thank you so much for this. It will make things go so much faster.” Monica replies.

“No problem. How long did Elizabeth have to get these done? She was panicking a bit.” Brian responds.

“I gave her two weeks, it only took her one. I know she has been panicking with a lot of things lately. She is so worried that the last book isn’t going to hold up to the hype. I keep telling her it will be fine. Has she written any more?” Monica asks.

“I think there is just a lot of things on her plate at the moment. She has been trying to write every night. Not even going to sleep to get some rest when she can with the baby. She wasn’t like this with the other books. They just flowed through her.” Brian answers.

“I believe she needs a break from it all, but this isn’t the time for it. We have a lot of things coming up. Even though you two won’t have to travel as much as before, you will need to do web shows. Going to different places and talking about the book. I tried to make it easier that way, so you can do it from home. So she didn’t have to leave the baby. I know she doesn't want to. How he is doing?” Monica asks.

“He is great and very spoiled, not to mention growing like a weed. She spends all the time she has with him. She wants him to have the same as her other kids had, and I think that's another thing that bothers her. She is happy with the web appearances instead of traveling, and we thank you for that. I can’t really travel that much either, I have a lot of cases coming up I need to be here for. Things surely have changed from when we first met.” Brian explains.

“It sure has, but in a good way. I think after the book tour, you two should take some time alone. Give her a break, away from things. I know once she finishes the book, she will probably take a break from it. I just hope it's not a forever break.” Monica reveals.

“No, I don't think it will be that. She loves to write. She just doesn’t want to disappoint the fans.“Brian answers.

“You're never going to make everyone happy. There will always be someone, somewhere that doesn't like what you did. Its just life. We have a lot of people that don’t like the first one, and then tons that do. Everyone has their own opinion.” Monica replies.

“They sure do, I don’t mean to rush you off the phone, I just need to go to work. Did you get the boxes?” Brian asks.

“Yes, I Sure did, they are now in my office. I will ship them out and put the shipping you saved us back onto your account. When you're out on tour, take her somewhere to relax after a signing. Get her drunk or something.” Monica laughs.

“Drunk? That would be fun to see. She doesn’t really drink so its not something I see. I only saw it once, it was cute. I like your idea though and I will keep it in mind.” Brian responds.

“You do that, and hang in there. It's just part of a writer's life.” Monica says.

“I will. Thank you. Talk to later.” Brian replies hanging up the phone.

He knew that Elizabeth had the stress pilling, it wasn't from Ethan anymore it was real things. He was hoping, she would get this last book done, so it would be one thing off her plate. The touring would be for a while since they were just letting out the second book. He was going to listen to Monica and have a little fun when they were out on tour. He needed her to let her hair down and just relax a bit.

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