The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 173

Chapter 173

Brian goes up into his office, when he opens the door, he sees Matt’s father Adam sitting there waiting for him. A tall man around 6 feet, striking blue eyes, and salt and pepper hair. His build was like a twenty-year-old boy, he kept himself in tip-top condition.

“What can I do for you, sir?” Brian says.

“There is my boy! I haven’t seen you in a while, and I wanted to say congratulations on having a son, I also found out you have gotten married?” Adam asks.

“Yes, and thank you. We don’t get to talk like we use to.” Brian admits.

“I noticed that and I want that to stop. You are part of the family and I want to know about everything that is happening with you. I would also like to meet your wife and new son.” Adam reveals.

“Of course Sir, I am sure you can come over for dinner one night this week.“Brian says.

“That would be wonderful, I get to see your home also. I hope it makes the standards.” Adam replies.

“Standards?” Brian answers.

“Yes, my boy, You are at the top of the firm. You need to show that. I hope the house is top-notch. You know anything you need you just ask. We were very close once and I want that back.” Adam states.

“I think my home is very nice, we didn’t want anything that would put us in the poor house. When we bought it, I was just starting out. So it fit what we could afford.” Brian admits.

“Well, if you want an upgrade just state it. You will be getting a very large bonus this year enough to buy two houses. If you keep up the way you're going, you will have everything you ever wanted and more.” Adam responds.

“Thank you, sir, I am very glad you gave me this chance to show you what I can do.” Brian answers.

“Son, I knew what you could do, just after your mother's death you pushed me away. I knew you needed some space, and things were hard for you. I am so glad, that your back here doing what you needed to. You finally came back to me.” Adam comments.

“It's really all my wife, she made me believe in myself. That I can do anything.” Brian reveals.

“I really need to meet this girl. I have heard a bit about her from Matt. She is an Author?” Adam asks.

“Yes, she gave me the job and here we are. She is very good at what she does. We are going to be touring for book two in a few weeks.” Brian states.

“That's wonderful, I just hope this isn’t going to get in the way of your cases? I am sure this author gig is good but nothing like what we are offering you here.” Adam remarks.

“I have it under control. I set my cases around it plus we won’t be gone this time as much. We will be doing a lot of web appearances instead. I have a contract with them, I don't want to break. They were very nice to take me in, and give me this job. I had nothing before it and thanks to it I have everything now.” Brian snaps.

“I understand that and I am very glad you keep your word. I just want you to keep doing your best here, one day you may own it.” Adam confesses.

“Sir, Matt is your son, wouldn’t he get the firm?” Brian asks.

“There is a lot for us to talk about. Matt would be your partner and you would be co-owners. I have thought about it for a long time, its why I am so glad your back. ” Adam replies.

“That means a lot to me, Sir. I don’t know what to say.” Brian answers.

“First you can stop calling me Sir. Adam is fine.” He states.

“Will do, and thank you again. You can come over on Sunday if that's open for you? We can do a family dinner then. Maybe a BBQ. My wife calls me the grilling master even though I think that's just so I will cook.” Brian laughs.

“Yea, they know how to get us, don’t they? I would love to come over Sunday. I will bring the beer and Steaks.” Adam replies.

“That sounds great. Will your wife be joining us?” Brian asks.

“No, just me. She has some bridge game she likes to go too.” Adam says.

“Fine. See ya then.” Brian replies.

Adam leaves his office leaving Brian wondering a lot. Why would he want to give him half of the company? He knew he always was extremely nice to him, always offering him a job or anything he needed in the past. Even picking him up when he needed it now, but why? What was the catch? Why all of a sudden would he want to meet his wife and child? Why did he care what kind of home he had?

Matt was his son, and he didn’t even do any of this with him. It made him see why Matt hated him so much. It just wasn’t his fault. He didn’t ask for any of this.

He calls Elizabeth up letting her know that Sunday, they will be having company. Elizabeth says that is fine and she will make some food to go along with the steaks. He knew he had nothing to worry about. Elizabeth would make a wonderful impression. She was great at putting things together, their home always looked great.

The yard that she put together for her family was coming in handy. He would now use it to impress his boss. Its why he said a BBQ. Also not wanting to put more on Elizabeth, figuring he would cook.

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