The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 174

Chapter 174

Sunday comes before Brian knows it, he picked Sunday because that was normally the day that, Tylor and even Sean came for dinner. Adding one more wouldn’t be a big deal. Plus he would have his brother there to talk to besides Adam. Maybe he could make some sense out of this, because to Brian he was still very confused.

“Babe, is everything ready for the grill?” Brian asks.

“Yes, I got some potatoes and also corn on the cob. I am going to boil some lobsters also.“Elizabeth answers.

“Isn’t that a bit much?” Brian asks.

“No, this is your boss, he is bringing the steaks, we match it with the lobsters. You said he wanted you up to his standards? You are beyond his standards.” Elizabeth says with a smile.

“You sure do know how to make me feel special. Everything looks great, the house is perfect. Thank you.” Brian says.

“You don't have to thank me. Our house should be up to his standards as well. Not sure why he really cares unless he just wants everyone at his firm to look rich? We can’t go into debt because of him. This house is perfect for us, it can stand a few upgrades but otherwise, it's fine.” Elizabeth replies.

“Upgrades huh? He did say, I was getting a nice bonus one that could buy two houses. Maybe we will use some of it for the upgrades. What were you thinking?” Brian responds.

“Maybe adding another room. It seems that the three bedrooms are not enough. One is supposed to be for Tylor and he shares it with my mom. Which....kind of sucks for both of them. Our office was turned into a baby's room, so maybe another room as a guest room. I was also thinking about a pool. It would be nice for us in the summer months We do have to be careful with Zach though.” Elizabeth states.

“When we get the bonus we will discuss it more. I think the extra room for sure, maybe two. I would like a workout room. It's hard to go to the gym working so much. That would make it here for both of us.” Brian answers.

“That sounds good, I like that idea. ” Elizabeth answers.

As they are talking the doorbell rings, Brian just looks at Elizabeth, then goes to get the door.

“Hello come on in. Welcome to my home.” Brian says.

“Your home is lovely. Thank you for having me.” Adam remarks.

“This is my wife Elizabeth,” Brian says.

“Nice to meet you, you're just lovely. No wonder Brian fell for you.” Adam comments.

Elizabeth just smiles, trying to figure out what this man is up to. Brian telling her everything that happened in his office.

Brian shows Adam his son, which Adam seems taken in with. Bringing in a large basket filled with baby boy items. Handing it to Elizabeth.

“Thank you so much, you really didn’t have to,” Elizabeth says.

“Oh, I wanted to. I am so glad that Brian finally settled down and has a family of his own. Anything you two need don't hesitate to ask.” Adam admits.

“That's very nice of you Adam but we are fine,” Brian says, taking him outside to grill the steaks.

“You have done really well for yourself, I am very proud of you. I always knew you had this in you and so much more.” Adam says.

Sean just listens knowing that Adam was always around even when they were little. They knew his family for what felt like forever. After their mom died, Brian changed a lot, breaking free from all of his past, which even included Adam and Matt. Victoria being the one to keep them around since she married into them.

Sean just thinks back trying to put things together, of why this man is so into Brian. He was never that into Sean or took the time out for him, only Brian. Which makes Sean understand why Matt dislikes him so much, why did his father take this much interest in another? He had his son.

And why now all of a sudden did he want him back into his life, he has worked at the firm for months now, seeing him on occasion and very happy that he was back. Just not pushing himself into his family like before. It all just seemed odd, Yet, no one said a thing.

The rest of the evening went well, Adam very impressed with the food, house and Brian's new family. Adam also hitting it off very well with Joan, they talked about a lot of things getting to know each other. Adam even inviting her to lunch, which she declined since he was married. That wasn’t going to stop him, it never has in the past, but that wasn't her cup of tea.

“Thank you for a wonderful evening,” Adam says.

“I am so glad you came and enjoyed yourself. Its been a long time.” Brian answers.

“Too long, we need to do this again and soon. No more not seeing each other, I want to be part of your life and your sons. It was also great spending time with Tylor. I do see him on a regular basis though. He is more like my grandson.” Adam reveals.

“Really?” Brian asks.

“Of course, He comes to dinner at our home all the time, with Matt and Victoria. I take him to the games and a lot of places. I would like to do the same with you and the little boy. ” Adam requests.

“We will see, that's great you do that with Tylor.” Brian answers.

Adam leaves and Brian goes back into the yard to say goodbye to Tylor and Sean.

“What do you think?” Brian asks.

“I don’t know, he was always interested in you for some odd reason. You do know he paid for mom’s funeral costs back then as well. He was pretty upset about her death as well.” Sean replies.

“I didn’t know that. I was so out of it, I didn't notice a lot of things, nor did I care at the time. I don’t mind him, I never did. He was always nice to me and helped. I just feel a bit weird, he is Victoria’s father in law now.” Brian says.

“It wasn't weird when you asked him for the job and he gave it to you in a heartbeat. Why think more about it, then it is? Just take it? We have no family except for each other, whats having him on your side? ” Sean responds.

“I guess your right, It's just been so long. Plus it will be another reason for Matt to hate me.” Brian replies.

“If I think about it, I would say its why he already hates you. Not because of Victoria, thinking back on things he was always like this towards you. He never paid any mind to Matt. Matt was never good enough.” Sean comments.

“That wasn’t my fault.” Brian answers.

“No, but it's a good reason for why he dislikes you now,” Sean says.

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