The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 175

Chapter 175

A week pass by, and Brian tries his best to forget about everything that took place that Sunday. It was all very strange to him, the more he did think about it. He just needed to let it go. Why let something so dumb consume him? For what? It was a man taking interest in him, wanting to be his family, just like his brother said, they didn't have much of. He didn't have time to dwell.

To be honest, he really didn’t care much, he was interested in his work and family life. He had so many things going on, he wasn’t adding another thing. It was just all bullshit. Some rich guy like him over his son just to piss him off. It wasn't worth the time it took up.

Brian goes to work just like every day, sitting in his office going over files for court cases. Doing his best to have everything in order for the week, he would be away with Elizabeth. How he looked forward to it. It was always on his mind to finally be alone with his wife. No kids, No work, No bullshit. Of course, they would have the book tour, but that never seemed like work. He enjoyed it and so did she. It was something they shared together and loved. He was happy took him into her world and was sharing all this with him. He just smiles thinking about it.

After a while, he goes to the courthouse, finishing up a case today. It was one he has been worried about and didn’t want to mess up. His nerves take over, but he keeps it together and wins the case.

Adam outside the courthouse, waiting for him, he stayed in the courtroom and watched him throughout the case.

“I just stayed to say, you did a wonderful job. You are great at this and will go far.” Adam states.

“Thank you, I am glad you feel that way. I have a lot of work to do, so I will be heading back to the office.” Brian answers.

“Wonderful I love seeing you like this. Also if I don't see you before your off with your wife’s book tour, have a great time. You deserve it.” Adam says.

“I will, thank you,” Brian replies.

Getting into his black car, he thinks in a way this is a good thing. It was nice to have someone egg him on. Someone to tell him he was doing a great job. It felt good. Of course, Elizabeth always tells him that, but she was his wife, she had to. Where coming from Adam, was something different. He was this big-shot lawyer, it was special to be in the same league.

Brian drives back to the firm and goes into his office, taking a seat at his desk. He takes a breath of relief that today went well. As he is breathing his sigh, Victoria walks into his office.

“What do I owe this to? And I thought my day was going good.” Brian snaps.

“Maybe the fact that you're always trying to run away from me? Is it so necessary that you need Sean to take our son to your house? Are you that scared of me?” Victoria asks.

“I am not scared of you, I just know how you are. You love to make trouble, I don't need trouble. I am very happy in my life. I can't help that your not.” Brian says.

" Or is it that your scared, you might give in to me?” Victoria smirks.

“You really do think highly of yourself, don’t you? Or is it your still in your fantasy world? Thinking we will get back together?” Brian chuckles.

“And what would be so bad with that? You say we were not happy, we were young. We are not now, I am sure we would make it work, and be happy. You could put all this nonsense behind us.” Victoria replies.

“It's not nonsense and I have no desire to go back into that with you. You need to realize it.” Brian states.

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