The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 176

Chapter 176

Back at the house, Elizabeth is missing Brian and wonders how the case went. She hasn’t heard from him and doesn’t want to text him in case he is still in court.

When she least expects it, Brian texts her and says he won. She is so happy for him, she knew he would. It wasn’t any surprise to her. She sits and thinks it would be nice to do something special for him tonight. Maybe surprise him, by picking him up at his office and taking him out to dinner, maybe even having a little bit of office sex. Since they haven't made love in a while.

She goes downstairs to tell her mother. Wanting to make sure it was ok to leave the baby with her first.

“Mom, would you mind, watching the baby tonight?” Elizabeth asks.

“No, not at all. What do you have planned?” Joan replies.

“Brian and I haven’t spent a lot of time together since Zach has been born, and today he won a case he has been working on. He has been nervous about and stressing over. I thought I would take him out to dinner, and maybe get close a bit.” Elizabeth says.

“Sounds good. Don't worry about us, we will be fine. Take as long as you need. You need the break away from here as well. You have been spending your days, watching Zach and being in the office. I am sure you're tired.” Joan responds.

“I do need a night out, I am fine with the baby. Just the book is getting to me, its almost done, then we can get back to normal. I really do miss Brian. Maybe it was better when we were just normal regular people. At least then we saw each other all the time.” Elizabeth admits.

“That was nice, but it doesn't pay the bills, I am sure after the book is done, you two can figure out time together. He doesn't seem like the type that's going to let you get bored with him.” Joan laughs.

“Bored? I am never bored with him, I love being with him, just lately I am so tired there are times I can’t keep my head up. I just don’t feel in the mood like before. Which I know I also need to work on. I don't want it to go back to what I had. I just see it's not that easy.” Elizabeth says.

“Not with a newborn and a full-time job, but if anyone can do it, it's you two. I see how you are together. It's really nice to see.” Joan says with a smile.

“It is, he makes me smile,” Elizabeth answers walking upstairs to get ready for tonight.

Elizabeth goes upstairs wanting to make it special for Brian tonight. They haven’t been together in a while, so she wants to make it special.

She goes into her lingerie drawer and pulls out a black crotchless teddy with thigh highs and garter. Its all lace so you can see through it. She also picks out a black v neck wrap dress to put on top with black high heels.

She heads to the shower and gets washed, then dressed putting on Brian's favorite perfume. She puts her hair up with all curls and some makeup.

She grabs her phone and her purse heading downstairs. She goes into the dining room to say goodbye to her mother and kiss baby Zach. She then heads outside to where the car is waiting to take her to Brian's office. She all smiles not able to wait to see him, looking forward to being with him in every sence of the word.

Elizabeth: 4:00 Babe, I want to celebrate your win with you.

Brian doesn't respond, she figures he is busy at work, which is fine, she would be seeing him in a few anyway.

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