The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 177

Chapter 177

“Victoria, I am not sure why you even do this. You don’t want me, you just want to mess up my relationship with Elizabeth. You're not even thinking about Tylor or Matt. You're just thinking its some kind of revenge, on a woman that has never done a thing to you.” Brian says.

“I do, think about them all the time, I just can’t get you out of my head. Before you left to work with her, We made love it was incredible. I want that back, you made me see we can have what we did when we first met as kids. How we were so happy to see and be with each other. It's not revenge, she just happens to have what I want. Victoria says.

“It was a mistake, It wasn’t making love it was just sex, and you know that. I admit I shouldn't have led you on and I’m sorry. I didn't think you would take it like this. We are never going to get back what we had when we were sixteen, it was just kid stuff. You just want, what you can't have.” Brian admits.

“I didn’t either, it just made me see how we could be. We are not young kids anymore like you keep saying, we could do so much better now. Raise our son together. Don’t you want that? For him to have both of his parents happy and together?” Victoria asks.

“No, I have moved on, and I thought so did you. Tylor seeing us always fighting and pulling at each other isn't what I want for him. Its why I left in the first place. I have to work here and your not making it any easier. Your freaking husband is my boss.” Brian answers.

“No, the old coot of his father is your boss and he will never fire you. You have nothing to worry about. I can promise you that.” Victoria says moving closer to him, laying her hands on his chest.

Downstairs in the garage, the car drops Elizabeth off, She tells it to go, that Brian will be taking her home. Before she gets on the elevator, she texts Brian again. Trying to get his attention.

Elizabeth 5:00: What would you like to have for dinner? I have a few options on the table...One is me.

Elizabeth gets on the elevator waiting for a response, She loves to flirt with him, they haven’t in a while and she wanted tonight to be fun.

Brian doesn't get the text, he is too busy dealing with Victoria. He doesn't even hear the cling of it.

Vitoria moves in closer to him, putting her arms around his waist and her lips on his, as she does this, Elizabeth opens the office door and walks in. Seeing Victoria kissing Brian and her hands all over him. Brian pushes Victoria away in a panic.

Elizabeth just stands there, her knees feeling wobbly and her heart in her stomach. She can’t even find words to express, how she feels or even yell at the moment. She just looks at Brian, with tears in her eyes and walks out of his office, trying her best to keep herself together and not lose it in front of all his colleagues.

“Elizabeth Wait!” Brian says turning back at Victoria.

“Is this what you wanted?” He shouts walking out of the office.

Victoria just looks at him with a smirk, like yes this is what I wanted, more than you know and so much more.

“Elizabeth Wait, let me explain,” Brian says in a low manner trying not to make anyone else hear or even notice what is going on. Even though he is dying inside knowing this could have just killed his marriage.

Elizabeth just gets on the elevator paying no mind to his words, not even clearly hearing what he is saying. Her mind is so flooded with hurt and questions, like how long has this been going on? How blind have I been?

She goes down to the garage shaking. Brian sees and takes the stairs to be able to make it there before she does. Knowing what she witnessed was bad. He pushed Victoria away, way too late, it made a very wrong impression. What he was trying to avoid now just hit full force. Would he be able to fix this? Make her understand it wasn't what she thinks?

Brian runs down the four flight of stairs, hoping he made it before the elevator does. He sees its stoping as he gets there and he stands in front of it out of breath. Not wanting to miss her, wanting to do his best to explain, knowing that hurt her deeply. It was written all of her face, something he will never forget.

The elevator doors open and Elizabeth is standing there, like a deer in headlights. Tears streaming down her face, Mascara all over, her body shaking from her nerves and from crying. She is a total mess.

“Babe, Please let me Explain,” Brian says trying to move close to her.

“Don't touch me. I don't need you to explain, I saw it for myself. So is this what normally happens here at work? Is this why you didn’t answer my texts? Is this why you ran home the other night to get Tylor? Wanting to be with her? Why you hurried her out when I came home!?” Elizabeth snaps shaking from her nerves.

“No, This isn’t what normally happens, you know how she is. She just showed up, I was busy with work, I haven't looked at my phone. Shit, No nothing happened that day. I just know how she is and I didn't want her to do anything to hurt you so I tried to hurry her out.” Brian answers.

“Her tongue just winded up down your throat? Her hands all over you? They fell in your pants?” Elizabeth snaps.

“I was pushing her away, I swear to you. I would never do this to you. She just got handsy really fast. You walked in as I was pushing her away.” Brian replies.

“It only seemed you were pushing her away when you saw me enter the doorway. Is this because we haven’t been together in a while? You turn to her??” Elizabeth shouts, walking to his car leaning on it crying.

“Babe, really? How can you think I would do this? I know what you saw was hurting and I am really sorry, but you think I go to her for sex? That I cheated on you? Babe...” Brian says moving closer to her, putting his hands on her arms.

“It happened before, it could happen again. If you really do want her, you just need to tell me. I can’t take this.” Elizabeth says looking up into Brian’s eyes.

“Babe, I want you and only you. Do you know how crazy I have been not able to be close to you like I want to be? How I miss you, how I miss your body and what you do to me?” Brian says in a low seductive voice.

Looking into her eyes as well as pulling her close to him, wiping her tears from her face. Doing his best to get back into her good graces.

“I miss you too, its why I wanted to come here tonight. To celebrate with you, to be close to you. I didn't think i was going to walk into that mess.” Elizabeth answers.

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