The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 178

Chapter 178 Parking Garage.

“I am glad you came here and want to be with me. I want the same. I need you so badly. I miss the feel of your body, the touch of your hand.” Brian answers.

His lips gaze over Elizabeth’s, feeling the heat between their bodies as he moves closer to her, wrapping his hands around her waist and pushing her body up against the car. Their lips brush up against each other, as they look in each other's eyes. Elizabeth's hands grab onto his shirt and her leg lifts up and rubs his thigh.

Brian goes in for a passionate kiss, making Elizabeth’s hands wrap around his neck bringing him even closer to her. His hands roam her body, sliding up her dress and feeling her wet center. He also notices she is wearing crotchless panties, which sets him on fire.

“You naughty girl, you wanted me all day haven’t you? Coming here in these?” Brian pants in her ear kissing it.

“Yes, there is more under this for you,” Elizabeth whispers in his ear.

Brian’s excitement rises, he goes for the wrap dress unwrapping it in front of him, taking a view of the sexy woman he has laying on his car. The site alone is enough for him to let go. Her slender sexy body in the lacey black teddy, her nipples hard and peeking through. He just rubs them making them harder, needing her in every way possible at this moment.

While they are in the garage, Victoria is in Matt’s office. Going straight there, after Brian walked out. Wanting to talk to him and let him know what is going on.

Matt takes a look at the security cameras and looks at Victoria.

“Is this what you wanted? You only pushed them closer, this doesn't look like a couple that is divorcing over your little games. It doesn't look like she is too pissed about your moves!” Matt says.

Victoria just huffs. “I thought she would have made more of a scene. Instead, she just walked out, I wanted her to start in the office, so we could have used it against him. Your father wouldn’t like that being brought here to his firm. Instead, the bitch just walked out, she didn’t even talk to him or me! She didn't make any confrontation. She looked pissed and upset though.” Victoria comments.

“Your games are not working, you're not breaking them up nor or you getting him fired from here. Your tactics are lacking, to say the least. Whatever spell he has over her is working better than you.” Matt replies.

“Well, its better than yours. You just say he is in the way, you say you hate him. He doesn’t even know the truth. He has no idea maybe just let things be, it might be better. And what he has over her isn't a spell, its called love. You might want to try it for once.” Victoria answers.

“If we leave it alone he will get everything, and in time know everything. I see it coming to that soon. Love? You wouldn't know what that was if it hit you!” Matt says.

“Then maybe it's for the better, instead of trying to fuck him up, why don’t you just work harder. Make your father like you better. Instead of always acting like a know it all. I do know what love is, I was in love with him for many years.” Victoria shouts.

“You're my wife, you are supposed to be on my side.” Matt snaps.

“I am, I just did that for you, doesn't it mean anything to you? Nothing I seem to do, matters. ” Victoria responds.

“No, you would have done it anyway. Do you think I don't know you fucked him before he left town with her? That wasn’t for me or anything about me. That was all on your own. Do you think I don't know the games you play? Or how you still care for him? Yes, I know very clearly that you still love him. You make that very clear to me every time he is in the fucking room.” Matt Yells.

“I know he isn’t leaving her, he has made it loud and clear. We both just saw it together, even though she may forgive him, the thought is going to stay in her head. She will always have doubts when I am around. That may work to our advantage. You also need to get over whatever this is you have against him. I am with you now, I have been for years now. Get over it.” Victoria comments.

“You mean your advantage? It was so much better when her Ex was in the way. It left us out of it and put a damper on things. I thought for sure, my father would have said something about Ethan’s little interview with ET but no. Nothing, he left it go over his head, saying that it brought more clients in and he was fine with it. Even that backfired. You know what I have against him, how can you say that? How dare you say that!” Matt states.

“Just face it, your father isn’t getting rid of him. He has wanted this from when Brian was a little boy and now he has him right where he wants him. You're going to need to just deal with the truth. Sooner or later like you said it will come out, and when it does, it would be better you were friends. If he gives you both the company you will have to work together, and share it. He plans on giving him more stock then you, so you can't overwrite him. Your father has thought of everything so you can't get rid of him. You two were once close, maybe you can get that back.” VIctoria answers.

"I already know this, The good thing about tonight, they would never know it was planned. Never thinking, you knew she would be here. So If I have to play nice, that can go smoothly." Matt replies.

"No, they don't know we paid the driver to let us know. So it all looked as if it just happened, the way we wanted." Victoria responds.

"Yea, and even after all that, instead of getting dumped or at least thrown out for a few, he gets laid. What the fuck is it with this guys luck?" Matt says.

"I have no idea, but like I said it will put doubts in her head. Wait till the lust disappears.I am sure there will be some consinquences" Victoria smirks.

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