The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 179

Chapter 179

Brian pushes her body closer to his, his mouth on her neck kissing down to her chest. The excitement and lust building with each touch. His hands roam the lacey teddy that he knows he can’t remove. They are in the middle of a garage and anyone can see, which adds even more excitement to this little twist. He does make sure that her body is covered, and that no one is getting a view of what belongs to him.

Their kisses feel like fire, engulfing each other passionately. Its been what feels like forever, to feel this again. Elizabeth sits up, on the black hood of the car, pulling Brian close, she undoes his belt and then his pants letting out his large hard member. Brian feels a great relief to let it out, it was rubbing on his clothes and making it very uncomfortable. He needs a release and soon. The way she makes him feel no other ever has. He pulls her lower half down to meet his, as he places the head at her entrance and slowly enters inch by inch.

Elizabeth’s body sits up wrapping her legs around him and her arms around his neck. Not able to control how he makes her feel or her want or desire. She pushes her body up against his. Brian’s arms wrap around her waist pushing himself in and out, loving the feel of her tight warm core wrapped around his hard throbbing member. He slides all the way out and then back in, teasing and needing more of her. As much as he wants this to last he can’t. He moves faster and harder sliding in and out, the friction feeling incredible. He keeps going faster and harder, the hood of the car taking a beating, as they're wrapped in each other. His actions bring Elizabeth to the edge, as he does, he kisses her passionately to control her scream from her orgasm. When Brian feels her twitching around him, its the end for him, he slides in fully and out and in on last time and let's go right inside her holding her ever so close.

From his actions, Elizabeth knows and can see that it has been the same amount of time since he has had sex. It makes her feel a bit relieved, but she still has her doubts. She just holds him close not wanting to let go.

“God babe that felt incredible,” Brian says.

“It did, I had more planned for this evening,” Elizabeth says quietly.

“Then we shall do as you planned,” Brian answers not wanting the night to be ruined. He knew by that outfit, she planned something fun, something exciting. Victoria wasn’t going to ruin it.

Brian kisses her tenderly as he fixes himself, she gets off the car and fixes herself. They walk back to the elevator and go back up to Brian’s office. They walk through, nobody noticing a thing. She tried to hold her emotions in so no one would notice and they didn’t. No one was the wiser of what took place in Brian’s office with Victoria.

Once back in Brians office, she locks the door behind them, throwing Brian on his sofa.

“You wanted a better view of this teddy didn't you?” Elizabeth says. Trying to work out the plan she had, even though now her emotions were still all over the place. She was just trying to fight them and not let her fears get the best of her.

“God yes, I did, the feel of it drove me crazy, just picturing what all of your body looked like.” Brian answers.

She takes off her wrapped dress and drops it to the floor revealing the black lace teddy and her body. She stands in front of him, with the teddy, garters, thigh highs and black heels. Turning herself all around so he gets the full view of every side of her.

“So, what do you think?” She asks.

“I love it, I want to feel more,” Brian replies.

Elizabeth walks over to the sofa, taking a seat on Brians lap. She wraps her arms around him and lays her head on his shoulder. He knows she is still hurt, this isn't what he wants. He doesn’t like it at all. He didn’t want any doubts in her mind how he felt about her. He loves her more than anything. He wraps his arms around her, wanting to take all the pain away.

“Babe I love you. You know nothing changed that. “He says as he kisses down her neck.

Kissing every right spot, all the spots he knew she liked.

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