The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 18 Green Eyed Monster

Chapter 18 Green-Eyed Monster.

Once in PA, there isn’t much time to do anything before the promotion. They both hurry to their hotel and sign in. Going to their room, getting ready for the night. Brian takes his shower first because he is pretty fast. It takes him no time to get ready.

Elizabeth takes a little bit longer. Brian hurries and gets washed, drying himself off and grabbing his black dress pants. Putting them on, before he leaves the bathroom. Elizabeth is just waiting on the bed for him to get finished.

He walks out of the bathroom with a white towel around his neck, no shirt, and his silver-gray hair all wet hanging in his face. Elizabeth just stares at him. His tone chest still damp from his shower. His wet hair still dripping a bit. Going down his chest as he dries it with the towel.

Elizabeth’s heart rate increases and she can feel herself getting wet. Wishing she could touch the man in front of her, caressing his lean sexy body.

“Are you OK?” Brian asks.

“Yes fine. Sorry. I better hurry and get washed.” Elizabeth responds coming back to reality, going into the bathroom. Taking a deep breath.

She hurries and gets into the shower washing herself. While she is in there, she thinks of his hands roaming her body, touching her everywhere. She can’t help but touch herself, sliding her hands over her breasts, thinking they are his. She knows she doesn’t have time for this right now, so she hurries up. Going as fast as she can.

She gets out of the shower, Drying off and putting on her black leggings and pretty gray tunic sweater with a black belt. She adds her leather knee-high boots. Knowing its freezing and she needs to keep warm. She fixes her hair and makeup and is ready to go. Walking out of the bathroom.

Seeing Brian ready to go as well.

“You look great.“He says in a very sexy tone.

“So do you. I am ready to go if you are?” Elizabeth says.

“Yes, the bookshop is just down the street, so we don’t have to go far. Which is good because it’s cold and starting to snow again.” Brian states.

“Just another night.” She replies.

They both smile and head out the door. Going down to the lobby and out the hotel door, walking to the bookshop. She catches herself looking at him. His hair, his face, and mostly his eyes. Could this be, she could be so attracted to someone? That every part of him, made her want him more? She just couldn’t deny how he made her feel, just not ready to let him or anyone else know.

Once at the bookshop, there are people lined up to get their book signed. More people than the last signing. The women are all happy to see Zach there. Wanting him to sign the book too. Also to take pictures with him and Elizabeth. Some women even flirting with Brian. Leaving him their phone numbers. Elizabeth just watches, not saying a word at the same time. Not really liking it.

This was her fantasy man. She didn’t want anyone else to touch him. She did know that wasn’t any way to think. He was by no means hers, In any way. It was still all in her head. She just sighs and goes on signing books.

Brian noticing that the phone numbers got to her a little. Finding that cute. She was jealous. The only way, she would be Jealous, he thought to himself is if she liked me too. He smiled to himself just going on to take pictures and sign books. Feeling happy inside to know, she cared more than a friend. Maybe it made him feel a little too happy.

Once the signing is over, they both walk back outside into the cold. In the middle of the city, the city is lit up. They were also in the middle of the city of brotherly love. There was so much history here. It is amazing to see.

“Would you mind if we would walk around a bit? There is a lot of history here. It would be nice to see.“Brian asks.

“That would be nice. Maybe even getting something to eat?” Elizabeth answers.

“Sounds great.”

They walk around, walking through Love Park. Then seeing the statue of William Penn. Everywhere they go there is something else. It was awesome. They go into a small place to sit down and get something to eat, also to get the chill off.

“How do you like it here?” Brian asks.

“I love it. It’s really a great place to be. A lot to see. Then there was a lot in New York also.” Elizabeth states.

“True. I just saw New York before. I haven’t been to PA.” Brian says.

“The book signing was pretty good tonight. It seems each one we go to more people appear.” Elizabeth comments.

“I have been noticing that. It’s great. I also notice they like taking the pictures with me. Now even knowing who I am.” Brian remarks.

“I saw that as well. You are getting numbers now.” Elizabeth says. Looking down at her plate.

“I expected that to be honest. You’re making Zach somewhat of a sex symbol. The women are going to want him. Isn’t that what this was all about?” Brian says.

“In a way, In another way, it was to see my creation come to life. I see others like it as well. Which is good. It will help the book sales. “Elizabeth answers.

“You know I am not calling any of them right?” Brian replies.

“That’s really none of my business what you do with the numbers. I’m not your girlfriend or your wife.” Elizabeth answers.

“I Just want you to know, that I’m not.” He responds.

She just smiles at him. Finishing up her dinner, feeling a little relieved. Which she knows, she had no right to feel.

After dinner, they go back outside into the cold. Brian seeing a horse and buggy going by. Thinking that would be romantic. He waves for them to pull over.

“Let’s take a ride.” He says.

Elizabeth just looks at him. He gets up into the back of the carriage reaching for her hand. Which she gladly excepts. They both sit in the back of the carriage ride, under a soft blanket. Taking in the sites around them. It is very romantic, very nice. They sit there talking about the sites. Smiling and taking pictures.

When it’s over, they get out and they are right in front of their Hotel. The go in and go up, getting ready for bed. Both just saying goodnight to the other. Both wanting so much more, just neither going for it. They enter their own rooms Just thinking about the night. Both thinking of the other sexually as they drift off to sleep. They both think of what they would like to do to the other, making for some hot, wet dreams.

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