The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 180

Chapter 180

“I love you too,” Elizabeth answers a moan following from Brian’s actions.

She never could deny how much she loves the feel of his touches.

He slides his hand in between her legs, to feel the crotchless teddy. Elizabeth feels his warm fingers slide against her slick bottom folds, she throws her head back with another moan. Her moans are swallowed by lips in a deep kiss. As his hands now grab and cup her ass pulling her closer to him.

Brian can’t help himself, even though they just made love a few minutes ago he needs her, she has this way of making him desire her like no other. The want, and need take over his whole body. The sight of her sitting in his lap drives him completely insane. He lightly flips her over, until she is now under him, he stands up and undoes his pants sliding them off followed by his underwear, kicking them to the side.

He then gets back onto the sofa unbuttoning his blue shirt which Elizabeth goes for eagerly helping him remove it. She kisses down his chest, while she removes his shirt. He lifts her lips to his and kisses her again, laying her flat on the sofa.

His manhood carefully presses outside of her entrance, slowly sliding the head inside of her, as he gives out his own moan, from the feel of her. He kisses and licks her breasts as he slides in inch by inch until he is rested completely inside of her. Brian then pushes his hips into Elizabeth. He pushes his hips again pulling himself out carefully and, quickly pushing himself back into her to the fullest.

“Oh, God babe you feel so good,” Brian says.

Elizabeth wraps her arms around him, her moans egging him on even more. He goes faster and harder letting waves of pleasure wash over Elizabeth as she climaxes. Screaming out his name. Brians thrusts become faster and less in rhyme, but more need for friction, he speeds up faster and harder. A low moan escapes from him as he buries himself deep into Elizabeth, Finally, his manhood twitches and lets go of his warm seed. Brian lays his head down on Elizabeth's breasts, holding her tight and close to him.

He needed her like he never needed anyone else. He just hoped he could prove to her that he did. Not wanting any doubts to take over and destroy their marriage. They lay in each other's arms for at least an hour, neither saying a word. Just enjoying the quiet and peace around them.

After a while, Brian knows he needs to break the Silence.

“Babe, are you getting hungry?” Brian asks.

“Yes, I been hungry, I was planning on taking you out to dinner as a celebration. Just things took a different turn.” She says.

“It's still early, we can get something to eat, maybe go where there is some music and just be together. I miss that.” Brian answers.

“That sounds good, I would like that.” Elizabeth states.

“Good, Then let's get dressed and go. We don’t even need the car, we can walk around New York and come get the car when we are done. Like we use to when we were on the book tour.” Brian suggests.

Elizabeth just nods putting her wrap dress back on. She wants to and tries to keep her feelings to herself, even though it's taking everything to get the image of Victoria’s lips on his out of her mind. She knew he loved her, she felt the same. Just everyone saying would he be happy with just one woman is now replaying in her mind. She knows that Victoria wanted this, just she also figures she had no knowledge of her walking in on them. What would have happened if she didn’t? Would he still have pushed her away?

They Leave the office, Brian staying close to her. The go to a small out of the way bar with some live music. They sit and eat there hot wings and fries and listen to the music. Brian’s hand rests on her thigh and he stays close, wanting this to last. Brian takes her by the hand, and slow dances with her, holding her body close to his. A single tear slides down her cheek, and she brushes it away not wanting him to see. Hiding her feelings like always, some things never change.

After the bar, they walk the streets heading back to their car, picking up two soft pretzels from the outside vendors, eating them and walking arm and arm.

The car ride is quiet, Brian knows this is going to take a bit to fully clear. Its why he did he best to keep Victoria away from her. He didn’t want something like this to happen and it did anyway.

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