The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 181

Chapter 181

Once home, Elizabeth goes straight upstairs, it's late and she is tired. Her head is pounding, and she just wants to see her son. She goes into his room and picks him up, bringing him to the rocking chair and taking a seat. She rocks him and holds him tight as tears stream down her face and pain takes over her heart.

She didn’t want this life to end, she was happy. She loved being with Brian. Was this marriage falling apart even faster and much worse than the first one? Was she going around in a circle? Would Brian get bored and just move on leaving her and their son? So many things ran threw her mind. The doubts just filling her with dread. The more she would think, the more she would cry. It hurt every fiber of her being.

Elizabeth has tried to be strong, and let most of the last few months go by. It's been hard and now this has brought her to the edge. She should know better than to doubt Brian or his feelings, just everything is overwhelming her. She was stronger than this, she has dealt with a lot worse always rising above from it. Just seeing anyone touch him other than her, bothered her greatly. This relationship meant the world to her, and the love she has for him is strong. In a way, maybe too strong, that it consumes her. She wasn't used to this, she never felt like this before.

Brian goes into their room seeing she isn’t there, he isn’t going to let this go. He knows if he does, it could be the end of them. This time he sees something different in Elizabeth, a fear he hasn't seen before. Something he doesn’t want. He knows tonight rattled her more than usual. If he was being honest with himself, it rattled him also. To see in an instant it could all be over for one dumb move.

He takes off his clothes and gets ready for bed. Seeing, she still isn’t there, he goes into their son’s room. Seeing her sitting there holding this little baby, tears still rolling down her eyes. He knows it's still eating away at her, and nothing they shared tonight really took it away. It's not like other times, when she just shrugs it off, knowing its Victoria's games.

He takes their son and places him back into his crib. Then going over to Elizabeth, without saying a word, he just picks her up, her head going on his shoulder and arms around his neck. Just holding on to him tight, needing him to be close and make all this go away. Not just Victoria but Ethan, all the games, all these months of doubt, hurt, pain, and craziness.

He carries her to their bedroom, laying her down and getting in to hold her tight. Trying his best to keep their connection. To let her know he is there and wants to be.

“I don’t want you upset, and I know you still are from tonight. I also know your quiet, which means your upset. I know tonight has put a lot of doubts in your mind and heart. I am so sorry about that. You just don’t need to have any. It's exactly what she wants. She doesn’t want me, she wants to break us up. I don’t want her Elizabeth, I swear to you.” Brian says wiping her tears away.

“You promise me that is what this was?” Elizabeth asks looking up at him.

“Babe, how can you even ask that? Damn, tonight did more damage then I thought. No, I don't want anyone else. I am very happy with our marriage. I do want to spend more time with you, be more passionate, but I have no intention of going anywhere or doing anyone else. I am over that and have been. I know we have been through a lot and it's getting to you. You just need to let go of tonight.” Brian remarks.

Elizabeth doesn’t go into it, she just curls up close to him, closing her eyes. She is tired, not only from today but from it all. How much can you through at one person before they break? Before enough is enough? If it wasn’t Ethan it was Victoria, it always was something or someone. It was almost a year and half that has been filled with drama and pain, now topped with a child, marriage and two jobs. Adding Victoria on top of it and Ethan when he wanted to be added. It was getting old.

She still had a few questions running threw her mind, as Victoria would never know she was going there tonight. If it was a plan to make her see this happen, how? Things just didn't look right this time on so many levels. Her lips on his and her hands almost down his pants. It was a sight she wouldn't forget too soon. She didn't care how quick her hands were moving, he should have been faster than that to push her away. It's all she could think of, how she wouldn't want any other man's hands on her but his.

They fall asleep and morning comes quickly since they got home late, and went to bed even later. Brian kisses her forehead and leaves her sleeping getting ready for work. He finally looks at his phone getting her texts, which only make him feel worse. He knows she was excited to see him, wanting to do something fun. Wanting to be together, like they use to be. He just sighs getting into his car, taking a look at his house. He wasn’t going to let anyone take this away from him, he worked too damn hard for everything. Victoria needed to be stopped, she was now fucking with his life in every way!

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