The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 182

Chapter 182

Once at work, Brian takes a seat at his desk, just looking around and remembering everything, that happened last night. Feeling this was a big mess and maybe coming to work here was a big no. It was just bringing the people, he wanted to get away from, more into his life. Adam was ok, and giving and letting him be all he can. It was Victoria and Matt they weren’t any help. He knew he hated him. He just needed for all this to stop.

They dealt months with Ethan, putting up with a lot of shit that was crazy and downright cruel, he didn't need Victoria to now be added to this mess. There just wasn’t anything he could do, she had their son. For another eight years, he was stuck in a hole. The thought just drove him mad.

While he is sitting there, he feels he needs to call Sean. He needs to talk this out and he is the only one to listen.

“Hey bro, what's up? How did the case go? I tried calling you last night, but I didn't get any answer.” Sean asks.

“I won. I didn’t get any calls last night I was too busy picking up the pieces of my life after Victoria’s games.” Brian answers.

“What do you mean? What did she do now?” Sean asks.

“She came to my office and started her crap again, she kissed me and put her hand down my pants. Its been a while and I was too slow to remove her and Elizabeth walked in on it.” Brian says.

“Too Slow? Good God bro, what the fuck? How do you get your ass into these messes? I mean only you. I don’t have ex’s over here trying to do me all the time.” Sean Laughs.

“It's not funny. Elizabeth was really upset.” Brian states.

“And you kissed all the boo-boos away I am sure,” Sean replies.

“I am being serious Bro!” Brian huffs.

“Ok, Sorry, I just know how you two are. I am sure she was pissed. How would you like walking in on her and someone? Just what would have happened if she didn't walk in?” Sean responds.

“That's what she was thinking! Made her have a lot of doubts and think I been screwing Victoria. I don’t want her. Something just seemed off last night. How did she know to do that and Elizabeth would be there?” Brian says.

“If she really wanted to screw you, it had nothing to do with Elizabeth. She just wanted you and you almost fell for it. She has always tried to get with you, this isn’t new. Elizabeth just adds more excitement to her. Everything is always a fucking game to her. You know that.” Sean responds.

“Yea I do, but I need for it to stop, she is fucking with my life. I don’t want Elizabeth to doubt or be so upset. I want our marriage to be built on trust and love the way its suppose to be. I just don’t know how to stop Victoria. Bro, she was so upset, I never have seen her like that, even though afterward we had a great time when we got home she fell apart.” Brian admits.

“Maybe it's not just Victoria, maybe it's just everything. Your whole relationship has been filled with drama and strange crap. Maybe talk to Adam? He did say he would do anything for you.” Sean comments.

“I am sure it's not just Victoria. I thought for sure, she would have smacked her or said something, she just walked out and was going home. What am I suppose to say to Adam? My ex is a crazy bitch and now she is your daughter in law?” Brian replies.

“Its best she didn't smack her or make a scene, it wouldn’t have gone well. Victoria would have loved that. Just let him know what is up, maybe he can help. He holds the money bags for her and Matt.” Sean says.

“We will see, I just hope Elizabeth will be ok,” Brian responds.

“Just make sure she is, talk to her and let her know. Do what you know best, she loves you, deep down she knows your not going anywhere. God, anytime you didn’t leave when you thought the child was Ethans, your not leaving. That was the time to bolt if there ever was on.” Sean admits.

“What a pain.” Brian answers.

He thinks about what his brother said, talking to Adam. Would that help or just add more drama? Then he thought if they were trying to get him thrown out of here, talking to Adam and letting him know what was going on, might help. He would see. He knew he had to get on with his job, and stop letting personal things get in his way.

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