The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 183

Chapter 183

Brian goes on with his job, just thinking about Elizabeth most of the morning. He can’t help but wonder, how she is doing today. She hasn’t sent any text messages or calls, which is so not like her. He just looks at the messages from last night, hoping what she felt towards him wasn’t over. That everything they have and share, he didn't lose. It wasn't even something that he did, it was all Victoria. That just burns him.

When he gets out of Court, he gives her a text hoping that she will text back.

Brian: 12:04 Hey, babe. I haven't heard from you this morning. I hope you got some rest and everything is ok. The court appearance, I had went well.

Brian gets into his car and drives back to his office. Nothing, no reply, which only makes him feel terrible. He feels she must still be upset, now even being quieter. She was holding in her feelings again which he didn’t want. He knew that was part of her, she would hold it all in and try to deal with it herself. He knew this wasn't good for her health.

Brian 12:20 I guess you're with the baby. I was thinking of coming home a bit early today, so we can get some dinner. Maybe watch a movie?

Brian never had to beg for her attention in the past, she was always right there to answer him, to be with him. This just makes him wonder even more.

He sits at his desk going over more files, trying to get last night out of his mind, which the more he stays at the office, the more it plays over and over again his mind. As he sits there Adam stops by.

“Hey my boy, How are you doing today? I heard you did very well today in court as usual.” Adam says.

“Yea, it went well,” Brian answers in a distracted voice.

“What’s the matter? You seem upset?” Adam asks.

" I don't want to bring you into it, it's not fair,” Brian replies.

“I am here for you, for anything that you need. I told you just ask. What is going on?” Adam says

“Its Victoria, she is causing problems for me and my family. I know in the past, I haven't been the greatest in relationships but I found the person, I want to be with and if Victoria doesn't stop, I may lose my family and everything I am trying to build here.” Brian admits.

“Well, we can’t have that. I will have to give her a talking to. I will see what I can do. What exactly did she do?” Adam asks.

“She is always coming on to me, Elizabeth walked in on it last night and I almost lost her, .........I might have lost her.” Brian rephrases.

“Did she throw you out? Say she wanted a divorce? I haven’t heard about any of this. Where did this take place? That sounds like something Victoria would do. She loves screwing around.” Adam responds.

“No, she hasn't but it took a bit of convincing last night, and today I think she is ignoring me. She hasn’t answered my texts. It happened here in my office.” Brian states.

“At work? I am glad your wife didn’t through a complete fit here. This is a place of business, not a whore house. I will for sure talk to her. I don’t want you to worry about anything. I want you to go home and try to save your marriage. I know how Victoria can be.” Adam answers.

“She is a real bitch and I am sorry, she wiggled her way into your family,” Brian confesses.

“You saw what she was and moved on, My son wasn’t so lucky. He has been obsessed with her for a long time. Then they are two peas in a pod. They will both screw you at the drop of a hat.” Adam comments.

“I really need for you not to favor me around Matt, it's making a lot of problems. I don’t need or want any of this. I feel that I shouldn’t have come back here. I just asked for all this drama.” Brian admits.

“You are welcome here, its where you belong. You don’t worry about them. I will take care of them both.” Adam says.

“Thank you, I don't mean to get you involved I just don't really know what else to do,” Brian admits.

“Don't worry about it, as I said, go home, take it easy and get in the wife's good graces,” Adam replies.

“I will do that thank you,” Brian responds.

Adam walks out of the office and Brian grabs his suitcase and puts the important files in it that he needs to go over.

Brian: 1:00 Babe, I am coming home. I want to spend some time with you. I hope you feel the same.

Brian texts her as he gets to the garage looking at his car, that they made love on. He gets a surge of heat going through him just remembering that. That black lace teddy with no crotch and her sexy body. He was going to fix this and make things right, no matter what it took. He also was going to make it as hard for Victoria as he could.

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