The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 185

Chapter 185

Elizabeth takes a walk to the nearby park, sitting on the bench watching the other little kids play. Remembering when she would take her girls to the park and play. They would all ride the swings together. Then go for ice cream afterward. The memory brings a smile to her face. She wants to do the same with Zachary, give him everything she gave them and more.

She sits there and thinks about, what she really did to Ethan, granted their marriage wasn’t the best, she knows how she went about things were not good. She sees the hurt from what happened last night and it wasn’t an affair, or relationship or even love and it hurt her to see.

She knows the last time, she talked to Ethan things were normal, they finally had a real conversation. It's been months since she heard from him. She hoped he finally was healing. She looks at her watch and sees its 12: 00, only 11:00 Wisconsin time. That Ethan is at work, she takes out her phone and gives him a call.

“Hey, Everything ok?” Ethan says.

“Yea, I wanted to say something, I should have said a long time ago. Just so much took place and so fast, I never realized it before but I am sorry for hurting you. I shouldn’t have lied, I wasn’t happy and I should have just been honest.” Elizabeth replies.

“I thank you for that. I guess I should have been honest also. Things did get way out of hand and I know I really messed up and I am sorry as well. We didn’t have it all bad you know.” Ethan admits.

“I know, I was just looking for more, I wanted the passion and romance. The yearning..” Elizabeth confesses.

“You found it, not many do. How are you and Brian?” Ethan asks.

“We are ok. You and Jessica?” Elizabeth asks in return.

“I left her, I need time to be alone and find out who and what I really want. I was going to call you and let you know, I want to sell the house. It doesn’t feel like home anymore.” Ethan states.

“Sorry about Jessica. I understand about that house, it didn’t feel like home when I returned to it either, I will hate to see it go though. We did raise our girls there, our family.” Elizabeth remarks.

“Yes, its why I kept it this long but all those memories just eat away at me. I see all the mistakes I made. Jessica is fine, to be honest, she wasn’t happy either. I still get to see my son and things seem to be good this way.” Ethan replies.

“We both made mistakes, Its in the past now.” Elizabeth answers.

“Are you ok? Something seems off, I know you better than you think. I know we haven’t been friends in a very long time, but if you need to talk I am here.” Ethan states.

“Do you think people can be with just one person?” Elizabeth asks.

“Yea, we did it for a long time. I know I messed up with Jessica but before that, I didn’t sleep with anyone. You didn’t till the end right? I think if people are happy with each other, there isn’t a need for any other. Just after being together for a while, there are needs not met. I don’t mean only sexual either. Emotionally also. The connection fades and you long for that. You and Brian seem to have that connection, you found it, now you just have to make it last.” Ethan says.

“It was only at the end, I never slept around otherwise. And what your saying makes sense.” Elizabeth answers.

“You still didn't answer my question, are you ok?” Ethan says.

“Yea, Just tired from work,” Elizabeth replies not telling him anything more.

“The second book is coming out soon right?” Ethan asks.

“Yes, Next week, we have to go on a small trip for it. ” Elizabeth responds.

“Great, I am sure it will be another hit and so will be the next. ” Ethan replies.

“Did you just give me a compliant?” Elizabeth laughs.

“Yes, I did. I have learned from some of my mistakes.” Ethan comments.

“That's good, I am glad to hear it. Just keep it in mind for your next relationship.” Elizabeth says.

“I will but I think that will be a long while. Thanks for calling, it was nice talking to you.” Ethan replies.

“No problem and yes it was. It was nice not to fight.” Elizabeth responds.

“It was, You take care of that little baby and call whenever you need to.” Ethan comments.

“I will.” She replies.

She gets off the phone, feeling a bit better. For some reason, she just needed to say, she was sorry. She just sits there, looking at her texts, seeing Brian texted her all morning, trying to get her attention.

She is glad, he still cares and wants to spend time together at the same time not really ready to let go. She just closes the phone and stays at the park a bit longer.

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