The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 186

Chapter 186

Brian drives home and parks in the driveway, going inside to a quiet house. He sees his mother in law in the kitchen, but no sign of Elizabeth or the baby. He walks into the kitchen to see what is going on, only to find Joan cleaning the dishes after her lunch.

“Joan, did Elizabeth go out?” Brian asks.

“Yes, she did, she took the baby for a walk. She said she needed some time alone. Did something happen last night? She didn’t seem the same. It seemed like a lot was on her mind.” Joan says.

“No, I guess she just wanted to spend some time with the baby,” Brian answers Not wanting to go into things. If Elizabeth didn’t tell her, he wasn't going to.

“She just seemed down, I thought after you two got to spend time together last night everything would have been great. She was so excited yesterday to go out and celebrate your win. She wanted some alone time with you. She said she was missing you." Joan says.

Brian was hoping the same, but he sees it's still hanging on. It also makes him feel bad that she was so excited and everything was ruined by Victoria if only he would have thrown her out of his office when she walked in, none of this would be taking place. He has so many regrets it's just too late to do anything now.

“It probably has to do with work. Has she been gone long?” Brian asks.

“Actually yes, if I think about it. at least two hours. I tried to call her she hasn't answered me.” Joan says.

“She didn’t tell you where she was going?” Brian says.

“No, nothing just that she was going out. I asked if she wanted me to go, she said no which was also very odd of her.” Joan replies.

“Ok, I guess she will be back anytime now. I am going to go upstairs and change. I am sure, she just needed to clear her head from writing. It has been a lot of strain lately.” Brian responds.

" I know and I wish she wouldn't do this to herself. I am proud of her for becoming what she has, just sometimes I think maybe it was better before." Joan admits

Brian just shrugs, not sure what to answer her. If it wasn't for the book, they would have never met, not to mention the book wasn't the real problem. There were so many other things in the way.

Brian tries Not to let her know but he is worried. Elizabeth never does this, she always tells her mother or him where she is going. He looks at his phone and still no texts back. A thought goes through his mind, is she leaving me? Has all the stress and bullshit finally break them? Has she given up on us?

He goes upstairs into their bedroom to get changed, Taking off his black suit, white shirt, and blue tie, putting on a pair of dark washed jeans, and a blue pullover shirt, with his sneakers. Taking his grey hair that he combs back for work, and fixing his hair just the way he would if he was going to play Zach. He knew that was her weakness, he had to turn back into her fantasy man and prove to her everything was going to be ok. If he had to use Zach to do it, so be it. If it wasn't for Zach they wouldn't have ever met or gotten this far. For the first time ever he didn't mind the long bangs and grey hair in his face.

Brian: 2:00 Ok, Babe, I know you're still mad at me, fine. I just need to know your ok. I don’t know what is going through your mind, but please before you act, just talk to me. Last night after all the drama we had a great time, I love being with you, I don't want that to end. Damn it please Message me back. This is driving me crazy Elizabeth.

Brian heads downstairs, heading outside of his house, and sits on his step waiting for her to come home. He feels she was walking so she couldn’t get far. He didn’t care that she went out, it was her not answering him or coming home that bothered him. Where the hell was she? What was she doing? The fact that she had doubts at all also bothered him, she now didn't trust him. He feels she should know better, at the same time, if he would have walked in on that, he would feel the same. he knows it wasn't a pretty sight. He knows for a minute, he let it go and let her hand go where it wanted. For that, it's costing him a lot, what is he going to do?

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