The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 187

Chapter 187

Elizabeth sits at the park, then goes and gets some lunch, thinking about all that she and Brian share. How much she really loves him and wants this to work. Just every time she thinks about it, she sees Victoria and knows that if she lets this go, Victoria is going to keep it up. Victoria wasn't the type to give up, and with Elizabeth being passive about it, it was just driving her more.

She calls the car to come to get her and the baby, bringing her to Victoria’s home at least an hour away. She needed to confront her, she needed to let her know she wasn’t going to take this sitting down. She was going to fight for what was hers, for what she believed in. Her family, her love, she wasn't going to let this one go down like last time. It was different now, she loved him with everything she had.

As she gets into the car the driver notices something isn’t right, he has been driving her for a while now and can tell. He knows how Brian and Elizabeth feel towards each other, he has also seen a lot happen in the months he has been driving them around. He knows they have been through a lot. He likes both of them and wishes nothing but the best.

“Madam, are you ok?” Ryan asks.

“Yes, I would like for you to take me to Victoria’s house. I need to speak to her.” Elizabeth says.

“Ok, Madam but if I can say, she really isn’t one to talk to.” Ryan states.

“Why do you say that?” Elizabeth replies.

“The last night she told me to tell her when you would be going to your husband's office. I wasn’t sure why or the reason. She just told me to and that she would pay me well, which she did. I just see now that you are very upset and I hope that has nothing to do with it. I meant no harm in doing it, I just really could use the extra cash.” Ryan responds.

“You Mean, she knew I would be there at that exact time? It was a plan? She was just baiting me?” Elizabeth growls.

“Sorry Madam, I guess so and yes she did know you would be there. I let her know when I dropped you off in the garage.” Ryan answers.

“Thank you so much for being truthful, if she offers you any other jobs let me know, Take it, just please let me know while it's going on and I will make it worth it, So you will get double,” Elizabeth replies.

“Ok, Madam. I am really sorry for any problems that may have caused.” Ryan comments.

“It's over now, you telling me the truth might have saved my marriage,” Elizabeth admits.

Fumes filling her, thinking that bitch did plan it all. She wanted to put doubts in her head, she wanted her to think that Brian didn’t want her like he used to. That he would leave her and their son. The sad part was she was falling for it as Brian fell for Ethan’s crap. It hurts her that she doubted him like this, but she still was pissed it took him that long to push her away. That was just another story and she would take care of that when she went home.

The car pulls up to the driveway and Elizabeth gets out leaving little Zach in the car seat with the driver. Not knowing what may take place and not wanting the baby in the middle of it. Elizabeth leaves baby Zach with him telling him she will only be a few minutes. He says ok and waits.

She goes up to the door and rings the doorbell, looking around at the very large mansion type home. It was nothing like her and Brian’s. It was ten times bigger. She now knew what Adam was meaning when he said does yours cut it? Elizabeth just looks around seeing how expensive everything is just like in the office building. Then Victoria married the boss’s son, would there be any less?

“Look what the cat dragged in,” Victoria says.

“No sweety, I am the cat your the prey.” Elizabeth answers.

“Well, haven't you grown some balls since last night?” Victoria laughs. Opening the door so Elizabeth can walk in.

“You have a lot of nerve! I know that Brian doesn’t want you, you're the one that keeps throwing yourself on to him. Doesn’t it get old to be rejected so many times?” Elizabeth replies.

“I wasn’t rejected before he worked for you. We had a great night, then you are well aware of Brian’s charms in bed.” Victoria answers.

Elizabeth goes up to her and slaps her in the face not able to hold back.

“He is my husband now, what he did before that doesn't matter. Keep your creepy crawly hands to yourself. No matter what you try, I am not leaving him, and he isn’t leaving me. So give up.” Elizabeth snaps.

Victoria just laughs.

“I guess I did get under your skin, otherwise you wouldn't be here. Do you really know what your in for? Do you really think the town whore is going to stay true to you? He is just like his father, he can’t be true to anyone, or keep it in his pants.” Victoria laughs.

“The only whore around here is you. You need to learn to keep your legs closed.” Elizabeth states.

“This coming from you? Your no saint yourself. How is dear old Ethan by the way?” Victoria remarks.

“He is fine, I never said I was a saint, but I am sure the hell better than you. And what the hell do you know about Brian’s father?” Elizabeth snaps.

“A lot more than you do, but I am sure you will find out soon enough. I am just waiting for that shit to hit the fan.” Victoria replies.

“Whatever it is, we will be just fine. Don’t make me come back here, it's all I have to say.” Elizabeth remarks.

“If you say so, You did see where my hand was last night? I wouldn’t have gotten that far if he didn't like it, want it. Your husband isn’t as innocent as he claims. He only pushed me away when he saw you in the doorway.” Victoria responds. Wanting to push her buttons.

“I don’t believe anything you say, I know better. Your games won’t work on me.” Elizabeth answers even though she thought the same thing, she wouldn't give into Victoria.

"They seem they already have." Victoria laughs.

She walks out, heading back to the car to go home. She thought about what Victoria said about Brians father. She didn’t know anything about him, Brian never really talking about him, just his mother. Alot was still on her mind but she was a bit better.

She also knew that only seem to fuel Victoria, she loved to see you sweat. It was like either way you went you were screwed.

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