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CHapter 188

Chapter 188

Brian sits on the outside steps, for what seems like forever, every now and then looking at his phone. This is driving him mad, as each minute passes by. He finally sees the car coming and pulling up into the driveway. Relief washes over him, as at least he knows she is ok. He has a lot of his own questions, like why is she in the car for staters? He quickly stands up and starts walking towards the car as Elizabeth gets out holding baby Zach.

Brian can’t help himself, he just goes up to her and wraps his arms around her putting his head on hers. So happy she is home, he was worried she wouldn’t come back. Elizabeth can see how upset and worried he has been. It's written all over him, she just embraces his hug. Feeling happy to be in his arms. She missed him as well.

“Babe, I am so glad your home. I am really upset with you though. I know you're mad at me, but I been texting you all day. I really wish you would have answered me. Even if it was just to say Your ok. I thought we promised we wouldn't do this to each other again?” Brian says taking the baby.

“I did on the way home. Didn’t you get it?“Elizabeth says, looking at his hair and how he styled it. Just the way she likes. She knows he is nervous anytime he is using Zach to get to her. She finds it sexy, just this isn't the time to act on it. They had important things to talk about, they couldn't just jump to sex, no matter how hot he looked at the moment.

“Not that I know of, let me see.” Brian answers

Checking his phone for the hundredth time.

Elizabeth: 3:00 I am on my way home, I have a lot to tell you, and yes I would like to spend time with you also.

“ Damn cell connection, I didn’t get that until now, I have been worried sick. What do you have to tell me? What took you so long? Where have you been?” Brian asks.

“I think, we should have dinner and then I will tell you everything,” Elizabeth replies taking his hand, kissing his cheek, and going inside.

Brian can see, she is in better spirits, which makes him feel relieved. Now he knows how she felt when he walked out that night. It was awful and something he never wanted to experience again. The not talking or texting each other made things worse. He saw how not answering each other only lead the other to think the worse.

“Your mother made dinner, we noticed you were coming home early. Where did you go?” Brian asks. All taking a seat at the dining table. Brian wanting to know where she has been all day.

“I went to the park and then to get something to eat. The rest I will talk to you after dinner about.” Elizabeth replies

“Ok, I hope you enjoyed your lunch?” Brian says, feeling she did nothing wrong, she just really needed space.

“It was ok, I had a lot on my mind. I am sorry I made both of you worry, I just needed time to be alone and time to think. I didn’t answer your first texts because I just needed space. My mind was going in every direction. It was better not to answer, with how I was feeling.“Elizabeth answers.

“That's fine but in the future text at least one of us. I would like to know your ok and where you're at. At least for safety. I was going out of my mind.” Brian mumbles.

“He is right, I was worried also. You need to also answer your phone or at least call back when you miss it. ” Joan says.

“I am sorry, I know you both worry, but you both also need to know I can take care of myself and I’m not ten. Sometimes a person just needs to get away from everything. Even if it's just for a few hours. I think both of you jumped to wrong conclusions way to fast. I went for a walk and lunch.” Elizabeth snaps.

Brian can tell something is still up, he can answer back and start a fight. He saw that is where this would lead. Her tone on that was defending herself. He didn't need that, he just let it go. He wasn't looking to make things worse, he wanted them to calm down. Plus she normally never answered him like that, he knows what took place last night, really did rattle their relationship.

Joan also sees something is up, looking at Brian and figuring something was up between them. So she remains quiet not wanting to set anything else off. She saw her daughter was different, she wouldn't stay quiet anymore for too long. Anytime she as snapping at Brian something was going on.

Wanting to know what took place and where did she go after lunch? He did notice she was trying not to say where in front of her mother. She didn’t want her knowing so Brian took the cue and stayed quiet.

They finish their dinner, the rest of it quiet. After dinner, Elizabeth helps clean up, then going upstairs to put Zach to bed. Brian follows up after her.

“He is all ready for bed,” Elizabeth says.

“He had a long day out to.” Brian answers.

“Yes, it was a long day,” Elizabeth replies while she puts the baby down to sleep.

Brian takes her by the hand and brings her to their bedroom.

“Ok Babe, what is going on? Are we ok? What the hell is going on?” Brian asks.

“This morning, I would have said no, we aren’t. I was still very upset about everything that took place. I tried to focus on everything that happened afterward, but I just couldn't. I really did need space and time to think. I tried working and I couldn’t, so I went to the park and to lunch and just sat there thinking about Victoria and how things just were not adding up.” Elizabeth answers.

“What do you mean?” Brian asks.

“Look, if she was trying to get to me, how would she know I was going to be there? The more I thought about it, the more I knew something was wrong, but I wasn’t sure, So I called the car to pick us up to take us to her house. I just happened to get lucky enough, that the driver was honest and told me how she did it.” Elizabeth smirks.

“So she did know you were coming? It was all an act? God Damn her! How could she! I knew it! She is always trying to hurt us.” Brian replies.

“Yes, she told him to call her when I would visit you. She happened to get lucky that I got there when she was already there so she used it to her advantage.” Elizabeth states.

“Wait you went to her house? Elizabeth? I don’t need you going there and getting hurt, she can say or do anything. She is always trying to get in between us. She is a crazy bitch, that is capable of anything. I need you to be careful.” Brian says

“Yes, I went there and told her to stay away from you. That I knew you would never leave me and you didn't want her. I never told her that I knew she played us though. Oh, and you may hear that I slapped her.” Elizabeth laughs.

“Babe, really? She could use that against us...but I do have to say that's kind of hot.” Brian smirks.

“I think we are ok. I am sorry for doubting you, but the fact that it took you that long to push her off of you is what bothers me most. I want you to stay away from her the best you can. I want you to stop her faster if she touches you!” Elizabeth says.

“I know that did and I am sorry. I really don’t want her and I do try not to be around her. She just shows up like a bad penny. We share a son so it makes it hard. You know how it is with Ethan.” Brian responds.

“I know. I just don't want her or anyone else touching you. I love you and I don't want to lose you.” Elizabeth admits.

Brian walking over to her and holding her.

“You don’t have anything to worry about, I promise you. I am so glad you found out, she had this planned. I knew it somehow she did. She isn’t going to stop you know that?” Brian says.

“I know, I told the driver to take the jobs just next time tell us beforehand. So we will be aware of whats going on.” Elizabeth smiles.

“Your something else, you know that right? You're using her own method against her. Brian says.

“Yep. She isn't the only bitch, I can be one to when pushed.” She responds.

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