The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 189

Chapter 189

Elizabeth gets ready for bed, Brian already in bed waiting for her. Feeling a bit better now that they talked. Also wondering why Victoria is really doing this? What was the point? It didn’t make sense if she was just trying to break them up for no reason. Did she really still want him? Or was that a game as well, which it now seemed to be.

As Brian is sitting there, Elizabeth goes over to the bed putting on her nightly hand cream.

“There is one more thing, I need to tell you,” Elizabeth says.

“What babe? Its been a long day, but what's one more thing.” Brian laughs.

“I called Ethan this afternoon,” Elizabeth admits.

“Why would you do that? We have been rid of him for months now. He actually stayed away and hasn't been an ass? Don’t start him up again.” Brian snaps sitting up in the bed.

“I know, everything you just said is true. I just felt guilty.” Elizabeth answers putting her head down.

“Why do you feel, Guilty?” Brian snaps now taking the covers off of himself to sit up more, rattled to the core.

“Everything I did to him, I felt guilty for. I now know what it feels like to hurt like that. I know you didn’t cheat, but it still bothered me greatly. I know our marriage was over, I just could have gone about things better.” Elizabeth admits.

“You have nothing to be guilty about! He cheated on you and had a son. He is a big asshole. Why say sorry to him! If anything he needed to say sorry to you.” Brian shouts.

“When he cheated on me, I didn't see it like this. I didn’t care about him as I do you. I was more pissed because he had the nerve to do it, not because I cared or was jealous. To see you with her, it tore me apart Brian. I saw clearly what it felt like. Even though he was an asshole for a lot of it, I saw why he was, how hurt he was. How wrong it was. He also did say he was sorry.” Elizabeth confesses.

“So you cheating with me was a mistake? Are you regretting it?” Brian asks.

“No, I am not saying that. I am saying that I should have come clean sooner. When I knew, I didn't want him and I wasn’t going back to him. I should have just said it. Not just running off to the book tours and thinking it would go away. I know I played a hand in this mess. That's what I felt sorry for. I should have just been honest with myself and him.” Elizabeth says.

“Are you having feelings for him again? Should I be worried? I need to know whats going on in your mind, in your heart. I know you been acting weird all day and even last night. I know you are hurt, but you need to know it wasn't me. I hope this isn't just an act of revenge to get back at me. I really don't want to play those kinds of games.” Brian responds.

“I don’t want him back, it wasn’t about that. It was about starting fresh and letting go of past wrongs. I love you more than anything. I always knew that I just see it even more now. The both of us just need to really not hold on to anything our ex’s do. I believe Ethan is letting go, we had a normal conversation. It's good if we can be civil to each other. I also do know it wasn't you. I see it a lot now. There is no revenge, I wouldn't do that. I would have to be crazy to go back or near him again in that way. I wanted so badly to get away from him..” Elizabeth remarks.

“I am glad you do. I can understand all that your saying. I didn’t mean to overreact. It's just, I don't want to bring Ethan back into our life. The last few months have been wonderful without him. We don’t need him starting all over again. Thinking you miss or want him if you really don’t.” Brian says.

“We don’t have to worry about him, its Victoria that is our problem at the moment. She needs to stop. Ethan is taking the time to see what he really wants, he is even going to sell the house and move on. He broke up with Jessica, he said he needs time. He seems good for the first time in a long time. He seemed to really be trying to fix himself and his life. Where she isn’t after any of that. She wants to destroy us.” Elizabeth replies.

“How long did you talk to him to know all this? Victoria won’t get away with it, I will see what I can do. I promise. And it wasn't so long ago so did he! Are you forgetting all that he put us through?? Are you forgetting he raped you?” Brian answers.

“Not long, about twenty-five minutes. It was good to clear the air, that is all it was. No, I can never forget what he did to us, what he did to me. It would take three lifetimes for that, at the same time I can't hold on to it and let it eat away at me. It takes up too much time, nothing will change it anyway.” She says.

Brian just tries to lay himself back down in bed, pissed off to the fullest just trying to hold back. He knew Elizabeth sensed it. Normally he was calm and listened to whatever she said, without judging or going off, just this time was different.

Ethan of all things? Talking to him? Being nice and saying sorry. The hell with that shit, Brian had nothing to be sorry about, Ethan was the one fucking up his life for the last year if you were, to be honest. Yes, he married his wife, but Brian didn’t feel bad over it. He just felt if she loved and wanted him she wouldn't have left Ethan for him.

He didn't want any chance of Ethan to wiggle his way back into their lives for any reason. He knew that would give him hope, he knew how he still felt about Elizabeth and Brian felt she opened a door, she shouldn’t have, and it was all because of Victoria.

Dear fucking vengeful Victoria. If she wouldn’t get her way one way she would another. Elizabeth leaving Him for Ethan would be a big fucking joke. He knew Elizabeth loved him and wouldn’t do that. It just crossed his mind, that Victoria made her so upset, she called Ethan of all people and said sorry to that jerk, who has been fucking up there lives all this time.

In a way, if things would stay calm and go smoothly with him, that would be good. one less thing to deal with, but this was Ethan. They tried to be friends before and it only got Elizaethh hurt, Brian didn't trust him at all. He just couldn't undo what she did. He just rubs his eyes and tries to calm down. Knowing tomorrow is another day, hopefully this shit would blow over and things would go back to normal. Whatever the fuck that was anymore.

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