The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 19 Closeness

Chapter 19 Closeness.

The rest of there stay in PA is very nice. They go to a few more bookstores. Doing their thing, having fun, and enjoying there time together. Their friendship, growing.

The next state up is New Jersey. Brian loved this one. He was very familiar with it since he lived there all of his life. He was happy to be back. They would be stopping at his hometown which would be fun. No one would even recognize him with the new hairdo and clothes.

On their way on the turnpike, it’s very snowy. It’s coming down to the point, where Brian can almost not see where he is going.

“Elizabeth I think we may need to stop. It’s getting hard to see.” Brian states.

“OK. I see a Holiday Inn. If we turn off here, we can see if they have any rooms. Monica also just messaged me. She told me everything is closed down due to the storm. They will both rescheduled.” Elizabeth answers.

“OK. That’s good. There is no way we would make it tonight. I don’t think tomorrow either.” Brian replies. Turning off the exit to get closer to the hotel.

“God, I’m freezing Brian. It’s so cold. I know, I am used to it from where I come from but still.” Elizabeth states.

“I know same here. Its been really shitty weather lately. We had to drive in a lot of it.” Brian comments.

“Yes, but I have to say. Its been a lot of fun.” Elizabeth remarks.

“It sure has.” He replies. Pulling into the parking lot of the Motel.

They both get out, taking each other's hand and running toward the Hotel. Snow coming down fierce Already six inches on the ground. The winds howling. They go into the hotel, going up to the reception desk.

“Hi, We would like a room for the night,” Brian says.

“The weather is crazy out there isn’t it? We don’t have many rooms left. We only have a few, and they have only one bed. Is that OK?” Ben the receptionist asks.

Brian looks at Elizabeth to see if that’s OK.

“It’s fine. We are adults, we can handle it. We need a room for the night.” Elizabeth says.

“We will take it. We may need it for tomorrow as well. I am not sure about the weather.“Brian states.

“I know, everything is closed down for tonight and tomorrow. So I am sure you will need it.“Ben answers.

“Do you have any food?” Elizabeth asks.

“Yes, we have a small restaurant. We also have room service.” Ben says.

“Great I am starving, “Elizabeth replies.

“We can drop some of our things off at our room. Then head for dinner.” Brian states.

“That sounds great. I really need something to eat.” Elizabeth answers.

Both going to the room and just leaving the bags on the floor. Then heading back downstairs to the restaurant.

“I am still freezing. I can’t seem to get this chill off.” Elizabeth says.

“Let’s get you something warm to drink,” Brian says.

Ordering a pot of hot tea, they sit there eating and talking about their adventure. Thinking nothing of it. They had each other and they both made things fun. Enjoying anything they would come across. They spend at least two hours in the dining room, eating and chatting. They always seem to have a lot to talk about. Even though they were almost always together. It was something she didn’t have with Ethan. She enjoyed it very much.

After dinner, they both head back to their room. Where Elizabeth just looks at the full size bed. Knowing she is going to be in the same one as Brian. She was a little concerned. Feeling it was going to be hard to control her emotions being that close to him. But also knowing, she has to, and in a way wanting to be that close to him. It made her excited. Feeling that need return to her body, like it did every time she thought about him in that way or any way for the matter.

They both clean up and put on there PJ’s. Elizabeth wearing Pink floral fleece PJ’s with socks. Trying to keep warm, and also trying to not show any body parts. Knowing she was going to be that close she was trying to behave herself the best she could.

Brian wearing blue striped PJ bottoms and a solid blue pullover top.

“You look like your still cold?” Brian asks.

“I am,” Elizabeth says

We can stay close if you don’t mind. The body heat and covers should get you warmed up.” Brian offers.

“Are you sure? I don’t want to impose?” Elizabeth answers.

“It’s fine. Come here.” Brian says. Laying in bed, lifting the covers so she can get in.

She gets in and moves herself close to him. Laying her head on his chest, keeping her legs on the side of him then placing her hand on his chest. It feels like she is in heaven.

The sparks there shining through. When she would touch him, a spark would run through her body. Making her tingle. It was incredible. He felt the same, just not letting on.

Elizabeth closes her eyes, just taking in laying this close to him. Her hand on his firm stomach, her head on his chest. She calms her self. Knowing she needs some rest. She does her best not to think about, What she would like to do to him. How close his lips are. What it would feel like to kiss him. Not to mention, what the rest of his body would feel like. The thoughts invade her mind.

After a while, she does fall asleep. Where Brian can’t. The feel of her warm body near his drives him wild. As she fell asleep, her body moved closer to his. Snuggling up close, her leg is now over his, with her arm over his chest. He wraps his arms around her holding her close. His face in her hair. Taking in the sweet smell of vanilla. He feels his manhood rise. Which was something he didn’t want. He didn’t want her to feel it or even know what he was thinking about. Knowing this could get him fired if things went wrong and also could make them lose their friendship.

" Man. What the hell? I’m not a teenage boy. I can handle this. I have been with a lot of women. Why do I feel like this? She makes me crazy.” He says to himself.

The heat just builds up inside of him, As he feels himself get harder. Knowing he needs a release. Elizabeth in deep sleep just turns over. Which gives him an opportunity to get up. Which he does fast, going to the bathroom.

He locks the door behind him, going up to the toilet seat lifting it. Taking out his manhood and releasing himself. Stroking himself fast and hard at the thought of her doing it instead. Which he is so turned on and so filled with want. It takes no time to release. He now feels calmer and able to handle the situation. Flushing the toilet, then cleaning himself up. Going back to bed.

He slides himself into the bed, putting his arms around her. Her back up against his chest. As he touches her, she gives out a light moan. He knows she feels the same. She just controlled it a lot better tonight, then he did. He snuggles up to her not even being cold. Just because he wanted to be close to her. He loved how she felt in his arms and how she smelled. So he took advantage of the situation. Just being close to her. She didn’t seem to mind, pushing herself closer to him as well. It was the best feeling, he has had in a long time.

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