The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 190 Adam'soffice

Chapter 190 Adam's Off

The next day, Victoria heads to Adam's office. She wants to talk to him about a few things. She would often go to his office when she needed or wanted something. This wasn’t anything new. She has been going there for the last year and a half.

“What brings you here today, my dear?” Adam asks with a smirk.

“You mean besides our weekly visits?” Victoria answers

“Yes, you are a few days early for that. I do need to talk to you about a few things though so I am glad you are here.” Adam states.

“Brian’s bitch wife, showed up at my house, telling me to stay away from him. She even slapped me.” Victoria admits.

“I already talked to Brian. I want you to stay away from him and his wife. I don’t want any bullshit Victoria. I will cut you off, just by clicking my fingers. I am also sure if she slapped you, she had a good reason, she doesn't seem like a woman that would just go off and do things like that. She isn't you.” Adam replies.

Victoria going over and taking a seat on his lap. “You wouldn’t do that to me? Now would you? I know, I have a short fuse but she didn't need to slap me.” She says batting her eyelashes at him, as she strokes him through his pants.

“My dear, when it comes to Brian and his wants, I will do anything needed to give it to him. He asked me as a favor to let you back off. Now you will, I don’t give a damn what you and my son are after. Leave him alone. He seems happy with his new life, I want him to stay that way. I am also sure, you did deserve the slap. I know how you get. I already talked to him, I would have slapped you myself.” Adam says closing his eyes from the feel of her hand.

“If you cut me off, who is going to make you feel like this?” Victoria grins.

“My dear, do you think you're the first? Or the last? There were many before you and will be after you.” Adam responds.

“You can say that but your body says otherwise. And it's your son that wants me to mess up their lives. He wants Brian to suffer, he hates him because of you. Why don’t you try fixing that? When the truth comes out, it's only going to make things worse for everyone. How are Brian and Matt suppose to work together? You're not helping this matter either. You just make them hate each other more.” Victoria comments.

“I know, I just can’t help it. I feel closer to Brian than I ever have Matt. We just don’t get along, he is so much like his mother. We clash. He is my son, I love him, we just don't think the same. Where Brian and I do, we always have.” Adam answers.

“Let’s just face it, Brians mother was the love of your life. You think I don’t know. I remember how you treated her, how she looked at you. Brian never saw anything, he thought his mother would do no wrong.” Victoria says.

“She didn’t. She was a lovely woman, she didn’t deserve what happened to her.” Adam remarks.

“Cancer is a bitch, we all know that. I will stop or try to. I do love him, and it's hard to stay away from him. It's not all an act, I will always love Brian.” Victoria confesses.

“My son was dumb to marry you, he knew how you felt and he did it anyway. Just for revenge, He didn’t spite Brian, he spites himself. You're not true to anyone! You come here once a week and fuck me raw, then go home like nothing ever took place.” Adam states.

“You have a lot of nerve, you cheat all the time, with so many. I only cheat with you.” Victoria answers.

“It's not that you cheat, its who you do it with! His own father, you have no limits.“Adam hisses.

“Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black? You're his father, you sleep with me, I didn’t see you pushing me away, only onto you. It works both ways, your no angel. Matt is too obsessed with Brian, he is too distracted. We don’t even have sex any more and he is claiming he wants a child. He spends most of his time in the office trying to beat Brian. Trying to make you happy. Don’t you see this? Don’t you care? I might not be perfect, but I am not all that is wrong with this family. You were all fucked way before me.” Victoria says.

“I want him to be all he can be. If it wasn’t for Brian he would be a total loser. Brian is what keeps him going. Keeps him from being a bum living off my money. And of course, I care, I want them to get along like they use to. Before you and everything else. I don’t see what either of them sees in you. Then Matt wasn't thinking with his heart or even his dick. He was thinking of revenge of marrying his enemies girl. Which led to even more problems.” Adam admits.

“What you do, You sit there and say all kinds of shit about me, yet once a week you want me in here. Doing all the things you like most. Willing to give me whatever I want for doing them. You're no better than either of them. Then the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree does it! And you want him to work here with you and Matt, don't you think that just brought on more? Before it was just me and him fighting over Tylor and regular stuff now you added Matt against him. You shouldn't have let him come here.” Victoria says with a glare, getting up and walking towards the door.

“You just keep your pretty little mouth closed about everything Victoria, and stay away from them. Do you hear me? I let him come here and work because half belongs to him, this is his as well as Matt's. I want to get close to him and have a relationship with him and now even his new son. I have my reasons for doing everything, just like you do.” Adam snaps.

“Yes, I do, I will do what you say, it will just cost you more.“Victoria laughs.

“I figured it would,” he replies.

Adam knew Victoria liked to play games, so did he for that matter. Just not when it came to Brian’s future. He wanted him happy and to have everything he ever wanted. That wasn’t a lie. He did have to admit he liked Victoria even though he said some nasty stuff about her, they were good together. He didn’t even care about the money, it was going towards Tylor’s education and bringing up. He gave what Brian couldn’t. Plus he got to see Tylor anytime he wanted and have a great relationship with him. It meant more to him than any money, what he missed with Brian, he was getting to do with Tylor, he just hoped that would change, and he would also be able to share that with Brian and now even Zach.

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