The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 192

Chapter 192

Elizabeth still wonders about what Victoria said, she feels it meant something and wasn’t really bullshit. Even though Brian, feels it is. She knows she likes to play games, but the way she said this, didn’t seem like one. Elizabeth was too busy to really look into anything or really know where to start. She also didn't want to bring up anything, that would hurt Brian. If he was happy not knowing where and who his father was, she was going to leave it be. It would be up to Brian if he ever wanted to.

The next day comes, and they both get up early, putting the bags in their car. Elizabeth feds and takes care of baby Zach, not really wanting to leave him. She knew he would be safe with her mother, it's why she let her stay, she just had this huge pit in her stomach to actually leave him. For the child she wasn’t sure she wanted, she now loved him more than anything in the world.

She spends the remaining time she has with him, kissing and holding him before they have to leave.

“Babe, he will be fine. It's a week, not forever.” Brian says.

“I know but still, this will be the first time we are leaving him at all,” Elizabeth says.

“He has your mom, we will call him. It's just a week.” Brian repeats.

Elizabeth doesn’t say anything, she just hands the baby over to her mom. Joan just gives her a smile, knowing this is hard for her. Brian takes her by the hand and walks her to the car, hoping that once they get on the way, she will lighten up some.

Elizabeth just gets into the car, looking at her son. She knows it's just a week, as Brian keeps reminding her. Yet, to her, it seemed like forever. He had to remember, this was her life, its what she did. She spent most of her life taking care of her children. Others had careers, things they were proud of, she had her children that she was proud of. Her daughters were fully grown and left the nest, this was her last chance of doing it again. One she never thought she would have. She knew deep down, it’s what she was best at. Even though at times in the past she wanted so much more, now she just wanted to stay home and take care of him.

A tear rolls down her face, as the car drives off. Brian sees how different things are from the last time they did this. How free and willingly she was to get away from where she was before. Not this time, she was happy with their life and family and dreaded being away. In a way, he was happy with that, knowing she was content with their life. And in another, upset that she wasn’t all that happy to be alone with him, as he was with her.

“Babe, we are going to stop off at Monica’s to get the traveling log. I know the first place is in New York so we are not that far away from home.” Brian says.

Elizabeth just nods, not saying much at all. She just looks out the window, trying to get her nerves together. She had so much on her mind. She takes a deep breath just trying to gather herself together, she had a long week ahead. The book reviews would be out this week and she was worried. Would it succeed? Or flop? She knew either way after finishing book three, she was taking a break from it. She wanted to stay home and raise Zach for a while before starting anything more. Plus she would need to figure what else she would want to write, and where she would go from here.

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