The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 193

Chapter 193

They head to New York to Monica’s office, not too far away from where Brian works. He figured he could stop off here, and then his own office to pick up some files, before heading to their hotel room to get ready for tonight.

Once at Monica’s they head to her office where she is sitting at her desk drinking her latte.

“I am so glad to see both of you. We are all so excited for this book.” Monica says.

“We are too, glad to get it over with too.” Brian answers.

“I tried to keep the places close to home. So that you're not so far away. I know that means a lot to you.” Monica says.

“Yes, it does. I will be right back, I am going to head to the ladies room.” Elizabeth answers, walking out the office door.

“What's up with her? She seems down.” Monica states.

“A lot going on and dealing with like always. This tour and book aren’t helping. She is stressing over it again like always.” Brian replies.

“I know she has been, she has nothing to worry about, but you know how writers are. This isn’t anything new. Why don’t you take her out tonight after the signing? She really needs to let loose some. I never really seen her this uptight. She is normally so happy and smiling when she is with you.” Monica says.

“Me either to be honest. I was hoping this trip would make us closer like it did when we met. I want to work on us, she is just so distracted. It's been a rough two weeks to, there is always something it seems.” Brian replies.

“I am sure Zach can un distract her, you always been good at that before. No matter what you two were going through, she always was happy around you.” Monica smiles.

“I guess if I have to use that I will. I am also sure after tonight's signing, she will be a lot better too. Once she sees how it goes and that everything is ok. I think she is still happy with me, or at least I am hoping” Brian responds.

“Yes, I am sure everything will be great, people are lining up to buy it. Online sales are sky rocking, people have even started buying the first part again. Its everything we thought it would be. Oh, come on Brian, she loves you dearly. I doubt any of this about you. Plus you have to remember she just had a baby a few months ago. Her emotions are still all over the place.” Monica comments.

“I am so glad to hear that, about the book. I know your right, just my ex has been a real pain the last week. She did something to push us away a bit.” Brian replies.

"Nothing is going to make Elizabeth not love you anymore. I know you, you will get her to fall all over you again. I remember how you looked at each other the first time you met." Monica answers.

"I know, I will see what I can do after the signing. When we have alone time." Brian says.

"Good. Use Zach to your advantage. I am sure that will get her going." Monica laughs.

“Thank you for everything,” Elizabeth says walking back into the room.

“You don’t have to thank me for anything. If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t be here. The second part is even better than the first Elizabeth. You need to really take a breath. It's going to be more than you ever imagined.” Monica answers.

“If you say so, we really should be going. Brian needs to go to his office and I don't want to be late to the hotel to get ready for tonight. You will be there for that? We have the hairdresser coming to the hotel room to refresh Zach's look.” Elizabeth replies.

“Ok. Love you both and see you later, yes. I will be there for that and the signing.” Monica says giving them both a hug.

Brian and Elizabeth walk out of Monica’s office and head down to the elevator to go down to the garage.

“I won’t be long at my office if you want you can wait in the car,” Brian says as they get into it.

“No, that's ok. I am coming in, just in case.” Elizabeth answers.

“I don’t think Victoria is even there today babe, she doesn't come all the time. Only when she wants to make trouble. ” Brian replies.

“Either way, I would prefer coming with you,” Elizabeth says.

“Ok, that's fine. I get turned into your fantasy man tonight are you at least looking forward to that?” Brian asks.

“Of course, I always look forward to that, but your always my fantasy man. It will be fun seeing you as him again though, where we started.” Elizabeth says with a smile.

Brian sees she is lightening up thinking about it, which makes him feel good. He wants this to be happy and fun like it was the first time around. Like they normally are together. He sees the smile that graces her face just from thinking about him being Zach. He is going to use that, Monica was right. If anything could lighten the mood, or make her feel better it was Zach, he did also like that she said, he was her fantasy man even without being Zach. He knew her mood had to do with leaving the baby and the book, not him. This made him relieved, he still had Victoria and her games on his mind. She didn't only get to Elizabeth, she got to him as well. Things she said were still on his mind, not to mention she could have really screwed everything up.

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