The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 194

Chapter 194

Brian and Elizabeth drive to his office, both getting out and heading out to his office. They get there, without any interruptions. Elizabeth looking around to see if Victoria is there, which she isn’t. That makes her happy. They both walk into his office and Brian goes over to get the needed files as Elizabeth takes a seat on the sofa, her and Brian made love on. The memory fresh in her mind as so was walking in on him with Victoria. She now hated this place in a way it was tainted.

While they are in his office, Adam knocks on the door and walks in.

“I am so glad, I got to see you both before leaving. I wish you both the best for this week.” Adam says.

“Thank you, we are hoping for the best,” Brian says.

“Oh, from what I have heard from my friends, it's one of the best. People have been waiting for part two to come out for a while now. I asked around once, I found out your wife was an author. I was curious to see how it was going, to my surprise, it's wonderful I hear.” Adam admits.

“My wife is very good at what she does. I am so glad she wrote book one, its how we met and all this came about. She is my everything.” Brian says looking over at Elizabeth, who smiles back.

“That is so nice to hear, I am so happy for both of you. She compliments you well. It's great to be able to say your wife is a famous author.” Adam says.

“I’m not famous by a long shot, I just got lucky with selling a book.” Elizabeth answers.

“My dear, from what I heard, you will be after this one. Would you guys mind if I came to the book signing tonight? I heard it was in New York not far from here.” Adam asks.

“That would be great, it's nice to see familiar faces in the crowd. Your more than welcome to join us, thank you for taking an interest.” Elizabeth comments.

“Thank you, I will be there with bells. I am always interested in anything that has to do with Brian and his family. Also, Brian If I could talk to you in private for just a minute please.” Adam states.

“Sure, I will be right with you,” Brian answers going outside the office with him.

“What's that matter?” Brian asks.

“Nothing, I wanted to tell you that, the little thing we talked about has been taken care of. She will not bother you. It was just her and Matt, playing a little game. ” Adam says.

“Why the hell do they want to play this kind of game? What does it get them? What the hell is the point.” Brian snaps.

“I am not sure, but I told her to knock it off. I am sure she will listen.” Adam remarks.

“Why would she listen to you, she doesn’t listen to anyone,” Brian replies.

“Because I hold the purse strings, my dear boy. She knows not to mess with me, my son can only do so much without my permission.” Adam gloats.

“ANd your happy about that? A thirty-something man needing his father for permission?” Brian replies.

“He can be a free agent, he just wants to work at the firm. It will be his firm one day, until then its mine and my rules. When you are this well known you have to live a certain way. He knows and understands this.“Adam states.

“Sometimes I really don’t understand you people. I thank you for everything that you have done for me, but I really would appreciate, it if you didn’t play me and Matt against each other. We were once best friends, now he hates me because of you. I would rather it not be that way.” Brian remarks.

“I would like you two to be friends as well, I am sure you two can get that back. Matt is hard-headed, to say the least, he will get over whatever it is. It will just take time.” Adam comments.

“In the meantime, he is trying to make my life hell, I saw it from before, now he just has his crazy bitch wife working with him. He is ok, with her coming on to me? I don’t get it, and I don't want to. I would never let my wife through herself at another man.” Brian responds.

“Everyone is different, those two have a weird relationship. I guess it works for them, just not for all. The main thing is, she won’t be bothering you so enjoy your trip and get back into your wife's graces.” Adam replies.

“Thank you and I will, I have to say Victoria, really messed things up this time, and now she is even going around saying things about my father,” Brian admits.

“She is very good at that, being in the middle, starting trouble. Its what she does best. About your father? What is she saying?” Adam answers.

“Tell me about it. She was saying things to Elizabeth when she went to see her. Something like I am just like him and the shit would hit the fan soon. She has no idea what my father is like, neither do I for that matter. ” He replies.

"I see, I am not sure why she brought him up. I wouldn't pay it any mind. Your father did love you, Brian, just things were very complicated at the time." Adam admits.

"It really doesn't matter, he hasn't been in my life. I have no desire to even know about him. She just needs to shut up." Brian answers.

"I know your upset that he wasn't, just keep in mind it wasn't all his fault. He loved your mother dearly and you as well. Things just take place we can't fix sometimes." Adam says.

"So you knew him?" Brian asks.

"Yes, very well. We were all friends. I grew up with him." Adam admits.

"I can't think about that now if he really cared or wanted me, he could have already come to find me. My mother has been dead for a while. I have been over eighteen for years. He wanted a new life, now he has one." Brian comments.

"Sometimes things are not that easy my boy. People have other lives to think about, other people." Adam says.

"I didn't leave Tylor, even though I didn't want his mother. I am always here for him." Brian replies.

"Every situation is different," Adam responds.

"Yea I guess so. I need to go, thank you for trying with Victoria it does mean a lot to me." Brian states.

"Anything you need, I am always here for you. I want you to know that."Adam replies.

"I know, thank you." He says.

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