The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 196

Chapter 196

Adam leaves the office building, totally pissed off from hearing that Victoria is saying things about Brian’s Father. This isn’t what he wanted. He was trying to keep things calm and under control. Yet, with Victoria, nothing was ever that. He liked that she was feisty it made for great lovemaking, he just saw that in other parts of life it was getting to be annoying. She was more then he bargained for.

Adam had a lot to protect, he was a highly looked up to businessman, married for thirty-five years to the same woman. He always wanted things to look perfect, even when they were far from it. His marriage, he kept looking great no matter what, even though the real love of his life has been dead for a while. He often thought about Brian’s mother and what could have been. Just it was way too late for that. There was no changing the past, things were what they were. No matter how much he regretted it.

His wife was like Victoria in a way, enjoying the finer things in life and overlooking the rest. Their marriage was no happier or better than Elizabeth and Ethan’s. The money didn’t make it better, if they thought about it, it made it worse. It made them have to stay with each other and pretend even harder than the rest. Not wanting their uptight rich friends to know the truth, even though they were all probably in the same situation.

Adam’s wife, Margret was also the stay at home wife, bored to death. Spending most of her time, shopping and at the nail salon, or with her friends playing bridge. She didn’t have to worry about cooking or cleaning, she had someone to do both for her.

She was very well kept. Making sure everything was in place on herself. Her makeup, her clothes, everything perfect and fancy. She stayed at home and looked pretty. There wasn’t anything else for her to do. Their son was married to Victoria and moved out long ago. Margret found her own friends and things to keep her busy, as her husband was never home or around.

She knew about his affairs, she would have to be blind not to. She didn’t care, she did know the one he would have left her for was dead, and she had nothing to worry about with the others. If he didn’t leave her for Brian’s mother Elene, then he wasn’t going anywhere. Margret knew that was the love of his life. She knew more then Adam thought she did, hiring a private detective on him, early in the marriage when she thought he was cheating.

After a while, she just didn’t care anymore. What was the point? She knew their status kept him, glued to her. If he wanted to be or not, so she said the hell with it. Not to mention when the affair was going on, Matt was just born. Adam was starting out and wanting everything to look perfect.

She had her own indiscretions and her own real love. Just he wasn’t as smart as she was, he never found out about the others she had after her one love. She had an indiscretion with someone close to Adam. It was her little secret.

She just kept her mouth closed and pretended nothing was happening all threw the years. She didn’t want to lose her lifestyle either. There was way too much to lose on both ends and after a while, nothing to really leave for.

Adam thinks about all this as he goes to Victoria’s house. The big mansion-like home, that without his money, she wouldn’t have. Without all his hard work and suffering. Thinking about everything he gave up for this lifestyle, everything he really lost. Was it worth it in the end?

When he really thought about it, no it wasn’t. All he had was money and power. Which is what he started out wanting and worked his ass off to get. Giving up all the things, he loved and truly cared about. He knew he couldn’t have both, and in the end, if he would have left, he wouldn’t have it anyway. She passed away leaving him alone to keep their secrets and burdens onto himself. Which most of them burn at him, wanting to let them out, just not sure if he does, he can come back from them. Again the life in the way, it never changed.

Also thinking, even though all these years past, her memory burns deep in his heart, and he would never want to tarnish her name. He was doomed either way.

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