The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 197

Chapter 197

Adam pulls up to the house, still pissed to all hell, as he wasn’t a man to hold back. All these years of power, made him think and feel, he could do and get away with anything. Another reason he didn't want to give any of this up. For once in her life, Victoria met her match. Adam wouldn’t take her shit, and she knew it. It's what she liked about him, he had balls, the other two didn't seem to have. Making their relationship quite interesting, to say the least.

Adam parks in the driveway getting out and walking to the door which, he just opens with the key. Going straight into the foyer.

“Victoria Where the hell are you?” Adam Shouts.

“I’m right here. What do you need? Our weekly visit isn’t till tomorrow but I am sure I can fit you in.” Victoria answers.

“I’m not here for that!” Adam says pushing Victoria up against the wall with a thump.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” Victoria says.

“I want you to stop your games. I already told you to knock it off. I am not playing with you. Your shit needs to stop, and your ways need to change. This can't keep going on, your not true to anyone.” Adam states.

“I haven’t gone near either of them, I don't know what the hell you're talking about. Get your hands off me, I am true to myself that's all I need. Unlike you.” Victoria shouts.

“You told Elizabeth stuff about Brian’s father. Are you crazy? What kind of game are you playing? Do you know what I can have done to you?” Adam snaps.

“I suggest you get your hands off of me, I don’t think you would want to hurt the baby now, would you? I am not playing any games, it was just fun to watch her squirm. She had a lot of nerve to come to my home and think she had one up on me. I wanted her to know, that no matter what, I know Brian better than she ever will.” Victoria says with a smirk.

“Well, my son finally stepped up to the plate, how the hell do you like that? I will be a grandfather.” Adam says letting go of Victoria’s arms.

“No, more like you did, your son isn't even man enough for that.“Victoria answers.

Adam just looks at her still trying to comprehend what she just said.

“Are you telling me, its mine, for christ's sake?” Adam asks.

“Yes, You are the only one I have been screwing. Your son doesn't come near me. He just married me to piss off Brian and prove to you, he can get a family.” Victoria huffs.

“He is smart in one thing, you better get your ass in his bed and fix this. I don’t need the shit from this. You better keep your mouth closed and make everything look like it should. “Adam glares.

“I have nothing to gain if I open my mouth with the truth now, do I? I will do my part and make it right. I just need more money. More incentive.” Victoria answers.

“You sure are a greedy bitch, you know that? Nothing is ever enough for you. No wonder Brian left you. His new wife is nothing like you. He is happy and with someone who cares. Who really wants to do the right thing.” Adam states.

“I know what I want, I also know your willing to give it to me. You always knew what I was about. I never lied to you. It also never stopped you from screwing me. His new wife wants love, she lives in that dump and is happy with whatever Brian gives her. I’m not, I want more. I had her life, it got me nowhere.” Victoria admits.

“What is so bad about love? I am glad, he found someone that truly cares about him and not his bank account. And with you, your games are getting old, you don’t want me to get tired of you Victoria. You know what happens when I do. You're stuck with just Matt and you are never satisfied. He isn't enough for you, to be honest, I don't think anyone is.” Adam replies.

“Out of the three of you, your the most fun to play with. You turn me on, even without the money. You know that right?” Victoria says going over to him rubbing his crotch and nibbling his ear.

“Yes, you do the same for me, its why we are in this mess.” He answers taking her into his arms and kissing her passionately.

“You want rough?” Victoria grins throwing him hard on the sofa. “Then you will get rough.” She adds.

Adam and Victoria have hot passionate sex on the sofa, it was his downfall. He could never pass up a good piece of tail, and if he was honest, she was the best he ever had. There was no love, just pure hot passionate sex. They did it anywhere and anyplace with no strings. Just now there was another little problem. The baby. Victoria would have to sleep with Matt and pretend it was his. The rich, powerful family had more secrets and lies than anyone else. Everyone was easy to screw over someone else. In every sense of the word.

Adam didn’t care much about other's feelings Unless it was Brian’s. He was used to being corrupt and manipulative. It was his profession. Some just leave it at work, he did it at home as well. He wasn’t true to anyone, not even himself, just like Victoria said. Where as least Victoria may be a bitch, but she knew what she wanted. Money and all she could get, anyway she could get it. In a way, they were two peas in a pod.

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