The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 198

Chapter 198

Brian and Elizabeth leave the office and go straight to the hotel which wasn’t far. They were still in the city of New York for tonight's book signing. It has been a while since the last one they were at. It was time for Brian to get refreshed as his character Zach. Which meant Monica would have a hairdresser at the hotel, waiting to get him ready to play his part. One would also be there for Elizabeth, to style her hair and makeup, as tonight was a big deal.

It wasn’t like the first time when they were both nobodies no one ever heard of. They were now known and had plenty of readers, who couldn’t wait to see what happened to Racheal and Zach, not to mention what happened with Brian and Elizabeth.

Ethan not making that go away with his last interview only a few months ago. Making people wonder, what was really going on. It just brought more publicity to them, in a good way. Yes, there was some bad as well, its how things work. They just had to deal with whatever was thrown at them. Just like always. It was nothing new.

They both get to the hotel, going to their room, Elizabeth goes into the bedroom to get ready as Brian stays in the living room area, with the hairdresser to get himself done up. Back to the long bangs, hanging in his face, and grey hair. In one way, he disliked it, and in another, he didn’t. It was a love-hate situation. This time, he was going to use it to his advantage, just like at the beginning of their relationship. Its what got them close and he wanted to do that again.

Just this time he knew her, he knew her likes and wants. What turned her on, and how to make her want him even more. He was going to have fun with it. Trying to make their relationship go back to what it was before the baby, and before Victoria's game. He knew that was still on her mind, at this point there was a lot on her mind, and he knew it. He was just hoping that with tonight's big reveal, that things, would calm down afterward. He knew her nerves were in full gear.

Elizabeth was a very nervous person, always thinking of everything, from what could go wrong, to what could go right. How she wanted things to be perfect or end well. Or how things could just fall to shit in a handbasket in an instance. She couldn’t help it, its the way she always was. She always overthought things, to the point of them driving her crazy. Once whatever it was would take place, she always saw how things were much better then she anticipated. She was hoping this was going to do the same thing. Otherwise, they were in for more drama and she would even be left without a job. Which was something she didn’t want. She got used to being independent and having her own thing. Use to being able to show, how smart she really was, and not being taken for granted or just as a simple housewife, who knew nothing but that. There was a lot more to her, and she could finally show that with her writing.

Brian just sits in the chair and lets the hairdresser do his thing, placing the die on his roots and covering up the blonde that has been growing back in. He was very busy and had no time for touch-ups. He was also a very manly man, who wasn't into this but it was a job, he signed up for. He had no choice.

"You really need to get touch-ups sooner," Edwin says a tall skinny blonde haired male with hazel eyes.

"I know, I just don't have time for it. Plus I really like my own hair color, I just can't touch it until the contract is over and that won't be for a while." Brian answers.

"You look good in it, I don't see why your complaining?" Edwin replies.

"I am a young man, with grey hair. I work in a law firm, I guess it makes me look older and more distinguished but I rather be myself. I would like for my wife to see me as me not always Zach." Brian admits.

"If it keeps things hot and playful, why not? Its only hair, the rest of you, is you. Women do it all the time. They are always changing their hair color. Your wife is blonde, does that change who she is? What you see?" Edwin asks.

"No, now that you put it that way. I never looked at it that way before, I always saw, that she wanted me to be Zach. I know without him none of this would ever be. Just sometimes it's weird. It's hard to explain." Brian responds.

"I think you put too much into it. You have a great job making great money and all you have to do is die your hair for the part. Do you know how many men would want to be in your shoes? Not to mention married to the author." Edwin states.

"I am sure a ton, I see your point. Don't get me wrong, I was and am very grateful for the opportunity. Without it, I wouldn't have all that I do. It made me get my family." Brian comments.

"Then don't worry about hair color, just enjoy what matters." Edwin answers.

Brian knew he was right, he rinses his hair and has it styled the way it needs. Just sitting there, feeling how lucky he really was. There was no point in sweating the small things, after all, they been threw, a hair dye was totally nothing to endure.

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