The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 199

Chapter 199

Elizabeth is in the bedroom, getting her hair highlighted and done up. Also getting her makeup done. Afterward, she slides on a grey tight-fitting dress, that hugs each and every curve of her body. It has a v-neck, that shows off her sexy cleavage and short sleeves. She puts on black pantyhose and black high heels. Letting the long, newly blonde highlighted hair hang on her back with all curls. She adds a dab of her favorite perfume and is ready to go.

Brian in the living room slides on his black dress pants, white crisp dress shirt, and gun holder, As Zach is a detective. So this round they added the gun holder, just no gun. The top three buttons of the white shirt open making him look hot and sexy. His grey hair silky and smooth from getting it done. He pushes it back as he fixes his collar.

Elizabeth walks out of the bedroom, seeing Brian looking into the mirror fixing his collar. The sight of him brings back memories and excites her. Bringing herself over to him, and putting her arms around his waist, just taking in his scent and look.

“You look great,” Elizabeth says as she hugs him tight.

“Thanks, babe, I know this is your thing. So I make the cut huh?” Brian says turning around to face her.

He just stares at her, her slender curvey body in the tight body-hugging dress, her long silky hair flowing. She takes his breath away. She was his, there was no dreaming, or wanting this time. He didn’t have to fight for her or do anything to sleep with her. Here now stood his wife, the woman he loved more than anything.

“Yes, you made the cut, you look hot. ” Elizabeth says in a seductive voice.

“So do you, babe. That dress fits you very well.“Brian replies pushing her body close to his.

Elizabeth’s hands touch his face as she moves in to kiss him passionately. The sparkes flying like they did the first time they met. It was now back with vengeance. The want building up in each of them, as the kiss depends and their hands start to roam.

“Excuse me you too, I hate to interrupt, but we need to get going. You have plenty of time for that later.” Monica states.

They both let go and just laugh, Brian, kissing her lightly again, as he grabs his jacket.

“You don’t need the jacket, its way too hot out,” Elizabeth says.

“Are you sure? I know its part of the gig.” Brian chuckles.

“It's fine, trust me you look great, I might have to fight some of them off of ya.” Elizabeth smiles.

“You know, I am yours. And I do want to start back up later where we just left off. I want more of that.“Brian says.

“I think we can get back to that later,” Elizabeth says with a grin.

They all walk out of the hotel, heading down to the limo that Monica has waiting for them. They both see it's different than last time. Both now a bit nervous to see the outcome.

The limo pulls up to the bookstore, where Elizabeth and Brian both take a double-take. The line is around the corner for people to get in. It was no longer just a few people.

"Its been like this all day, people have been lining up to buy the book and to see you both tonight. Things have taken off in a wonderful way. Just like we thought it would. This is going to be much bigger than the first time around." Monica says.

"I am realizing that. I just didn't think there would be so many people here tonight." Elizabeth answers.

"Girlfriend, people love the book, I am not sure why you thought otherwise. Joann isn't the type of lady, who would publish your books if you suck. She is a lady that made millions and wants to continue to. She knew you were her gold mine from when she read the first one." Monica admits.

"I am just glad she took the chance with me. That she saw something in this." Elizabeth says.

"Me too, it makes my job worth it. You will have a lot to sign tonight and will need to do a reading from the book. They will also ask some questions tonight. If they are too personal, answer the best you can." Monica replies.

"Wouldn't they be about the book?" Elizabeth asks.

"Not really, your ex opened a can of worms, people are curious and I am sure some will ask you about things. Its the way it goes. So expect anything. They are mostly interested in you and Brian. If the love story is real." Monica comments.

"Ok, I will do my best." Elizabeth answers.

Before getting out of the car, Elizabeth's phone beeps, that she has a text.

Ethan 7:30 PM: I hope everything goes well for you tonight. Good luck.

Elizabeth 7:33 PM: Thank you.

Ethan 7:35 PM: Very welcome, I know this means a lot to you. I am sure you will do great.

Elizabeth: 7:38 PM: I hope so.

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