The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 20 Snowday

Chapter 20 Snow day.

The next morning, they wake up in each other's arms, cuddled up close. Both enjoying it more then they should of.

“I guess. We stayed like this all night?” Elizabeth asks.

“It seems that way. I hope you’re warm now.” Brian asks.

“Yes. I’m fine. Thank you. I guess, we better get up and see what the weather is. I need to check my messages to see if any are from Monica, telling us what to do.” Elizabeth states.

“I will order us some breakfast, while you check,” Brian says.

Both doing there best to ignore, how close they are to each other, and the feelings that run throughout each of them.

“Monica says everything is closed again today. To stay where we are till tomorrow. Then get moving again.” Elizabeth says.

“Great. We can just take the day off.” Brian answers.

“Maybe not. It would be a good time for me to work on a few more chapters for the next book. That will be coming up. This one is picking up. The online sales are going great.” Elizabeth comments.

“If you need any ideas or help. I’m Here.” Brian says with a smile.

They have breakfast, just talking more about what the book will be like. Brian asking questions about what she wants to add. How she wants the characters to go. He finds it very interesting. They spend the rest of the day working on the book together. She would write a chapter and then read it to him. Having a total blast while doing it, feeling closer to each other.

Later in the evening, they go to have dinner. Taking a break from writing. They go down into the dining room, spending an hour there.

“After dinner, I need to go dig the car out. So we can get an early start.” Brian says.

“I will help,” Elizabeth says.

“I don’t want you to go cold again,” Brian says.

” I have you to make me warm again. Right?” Elizabeth says. Catching herself after.

“Yes. You do.” Brian responds with a smile.

When dinner is done, they both get bundled up. Going out to the parking lot, grabbing a shovel from the trunk. Brian starts digging out the car, as She cleans off the windows. As they are cleaning, Elizabeth starts throwing snowballs at Brian.

“Really?” Brian says with a smirk.

“Uh-huh.” She replies.

Brian makes a large snowball throwing it back. Which only makes Elizabeth throw another at him. Now running in the parking lot throwing snowballs at each other. Laughing and having a great time. They even make two snow angels.

“Well, the car is dugout. I am just not sure about myself now.” Brian laughs.

“You are pretty snowy.“Elizabeth giggles.

“I wonder who’s fault that is?” Brian asks.

“Oh, I don’t know.” Elizabeth grins.

Both walking back to the hotel. They both go up to their room. Drying themselves off, putting on warm pj’s. Then getting into bed.

“Cuddles?” Brian asks hoping she says yes.

“I guess. It would only be fair since I was the one to make you wet and cold.” Elizabeth states. Moving herself close to him. Happy to be that close to him.

They cuddle up against each other both knowing this isn’t a good thing. This was passing the point of friendship, of a working relationship. What were they doing? Yet, neither one of them wanted to move. They were happy just being near the other. Both wanting more, to take it to the next level. Just both holding back as much as they could.

Knowing this would change everything. It may not be a good way. It could go so wrong. They stayed in each other's arms all night, both having a great night's sleep. Feeling very close to each other.

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